…And The Days Dwindle Down…

Yikes!!  I only have 4 days until we leave and am I ready?!  Put that on your Fat Chance List!  It’s my favorite list…well it must be because that’s the one I use most often!

I should start with something positive…Ok, here we go.  I haven’t mentioned it, but I’m still walking!  I actually added a little distance.  On part of my route the street I’m taking splits and I realized that the road not taken ( cool…a poetry reference!) was steeper and would add about another block of distance because of the way it curves around.  I like adding in the inclines, helps on the old cardio.  My walks really are making me feel good.  I’m going to be disappointed when we go on our trip because I’ll be missing them.  Think I’m going to have to check into whether they let townspeople  use the track at the University.  That would be a good idea.  We have no sidewalks in our area as I’ve mentioned before.  Don’t want to get knocked into a valley!

So on to preparations, how are we doing?  Got most of the laundry done.  My suitcase is still in the basement, it’s just easier if it’s there at the moment.  Once I have most of the clothes in it that I want to take, I’ll bring it upstairs and organize.  I think that will be a Wednesday job.  I can deal with it hanging around upstairs for a few days.  Ralph and I always carry a bag that is our overnight bag…the one we take into the hotel/motel on our nightly stops (if I can get him to make a nightly stop…heavy sigh…)  I have to work on that one to make sure I don’t forget anything…Did I make a list for that bag?! Yikes.  Need to remind Ralph that he needs to do that, too and offer him a bag if he can’t find one (which is likely.)

Ralph had misplaced his wallet somewhere in the house on Sunday.  Monday he found it…then he misplaced it again…He found it again, so at the moment we stand at Ralph-2…Wallet-2.  Hope that’s the final score…heavy sigh…

Also had a fashion show yesterday for things to wear to the wedding we’ll be attending during vacation.  “You’re wearing that…don’t you know it gets cold in San Francisco?”  Yes, I know…I’ve been there and YOU haven’t!!  But both dresses were approved.  I’ve decided that I really don’t like getting dressed up anymore.  Do you think they’d notice if I came in jeans and a golf shirt I got at Goodwill?! …heavy sigh…

We’re going out tonight for the surprise that I spoke about yesterday which I almost spoiled.  Gotta figure out what I’m wearing, and help Ralph find something to wear.  I think this is casual.  Well, if it’s not…it’s Going to be!  I checked the menu and there should be something for the vegetarian to eat.  I should check more often, it’s just that sometimes, I don’t know in advance where we’re going.  Fortunately, when we’re in New Mexico, there are usually lots of vegetarian choices…all those hippies you know… 😉

Lots of things to do, and lots of lists to conquer.  Not much time left until departure, and the pavement is calling my name.  I need to get out there and Walk!!

Happy Tuesday!


10 responses to “…And The Days Dwindle Down…

  1. enjoy your walk, fran! and good for you for adding the incline and a bit of distance. i hope you can find walking space in nm!! do laps around the perimeter of the house?! (that is a joke!).
    have fun at the surprise gathering today! i am with you, i prefer not dressing up.
    glad ralph found his wallet…and found his wallet…maybe the trip excitement is getting to him?!
    and just keep making more lists – they DO help with both organization and feeling mentally prepared!!

    • Thanks, Cathy! I keep trying to be healthy…the walking is really making me feel good. Lists always help me when we’re getting ready for one of these trips. You know, the idea of walking around the house isn’t a bad one, only problem is it’s on a hill…a Real hill and i don’t think I could do the back yard area, too steep, but I might figure something out! Have a great day!

  2. That’s too funny about the wallet…I do that sort of thing all the time…put it down not paying attention and then running around like a maniac trying to find where i put the thing…finding it (sweet relief) and then misplacing the next thing.
    I hope you’re able to find a good walking path in NM. I think since the scenery there is so beautiful, it would be good to be able to go on walks there.

  3. Kudos to you on the walking, and to increasing your walking too! And the day that someone holds a casual dress wedding…is the day I’ll be slightly interested in going to a wedding. I mean, would me wearing jeans really affect the outcome/happiness of someone’s future together? I sure hope not…

  4. A fat chance list, I love it! Have fun at the party and I hope 3 doesn’t visit. She was with me last night. You’re welcome.

  5. Your lists are great. I’m always losing my wallet too…

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