Is it just me or does What I Ate Wednesday seem to be rolling around more than once a week, lately?!  I guess that we all have so much fun at the fabulous food party put together by Jenn at Peas & Crayons, that we just Wish it was more than once a week! As always, be sure to visit over at P & C when you’re finished here to see what all the other cool kids are doing to keep fit and enjoy their food…oh yeah…leave some comments, too!

Peas and Crayons

I have really been enjoying our WIAW theme for July…Fitness!! Yes, I’ll have some!  I’ve been walking what I like to believe is 2 miles (right, Cathy?) almost every day for about 3 weeks.  I’m certainly enjoying it and I’m feeling better for it.  I always heard that exercise helps you sleep…not so for me lately, but I know it’s doing other good things for my body.  I can feel the muscles in my legs firming up.  Amazing that it will happen with such a short period of exercise.  I’m sticking with it!!

So…food…Due to our preparations for our trip, my meals have not been terribly regular or memorable.  Not a good confession but it’s the truth.

Random bowl of wonderful overnight oats from sometime in the last week…is that accurate enough for you?!  It was delicious, that’s all that counts!

Lunches have looked like this a lot…

Rice cakes with sun butter.  Very tasty and filling…quick and easy too and you all know I like quick and easy!!

The surprise in the title refers to a surprise birthday party Ralph and I attended last night.  It was at Lake House Restaurant. It’s an old building that has lived through many incarnations and I was looking forward to going.  Beside that, this is a fun group of people we would be with.

The room was set up very nicely.  To start out, the service was good, two young ladies getting us everything we needed in the way of drinks.  But then it sort of went down hill.  It wasn’t the fault of the servers, I think the kitchen may have had difficulty dealing with our size group.  I think there were about 20 of us, but there should have been about twice that many.  As it was we waited over an hour to be served.  It’s great to have time to socialize, but I can’t understand why a restaurant would put bread plates on the table and not give you any bread. That would have helped.

Almost everyone else got the All You Can Eat Crab special…they’re all big into crabs and crab fests.  Of course, that wasn’t for me.  I had luckily checked the menu on-line and knew what would be available for me.

Started with a salad. Please note “empty” bread plate on the side…

It had a sun-dried tomato vinaigrette and was quite tasty.

This was my entrée…

Spinach ravioli with asparagus, mushrooms and red peppers in a wine sauce. Very tasty and just the right serving size!

The cake which was very tasty!  I’m not sure if it came from the restaurant or if the party planners brought it with them.  I did have a piece and it was good!

All in all in spite of the long wait, we had a lovely evening.  We’ll be seeing most of these folks again in a few weeks when we reconvene in California for the wedding of the birthday girl’s step-daughter.  We’re looking forward to that!

Another What I Ate Wednesday is under my belt.  I’ve got to make sure that for the rest of the week, not too much ELSE gets under my belt!  Be sure to take a peek over at Peas & Crayons, look around, leave some comments…We love you for it!!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!

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30 responses to “WIAW~Surprise!!

  1. oh, i am so glad you are enjoying your walks, fran! and so cool that you have noticed improvements in how you feel.
    well, for next weeks WIAW, you will be in nm!!
    glad you had fun at the party but waiting an hour…yup, that would drive me bonkers! at least you had lots of people to chat with to pass the time.
    have a great day! we’ve got more sunshine up here – yippee!

    • It was a funny evening in spite of the wait, Cathy! Yes, next WIAW will be in NM!!! Ok by me!! It looks like it might be a beautiful day here, too. We went through a terrible storm getting to the party last night. I forgot to mention it. Have a great day!!

  2. Sounds like you’ve had a good time last night;I am so glad,Fran! 🙂
    I am a true pasta lover,so the ravioli you’ve had sound awesome to me.
    I hope you have a wonderful day,and stick with your walks as they seem to make you feel better!

  3. Sounds like a fun event to me! The ravioli is catching my eye here, I haven’t enjoyed something like that in… well far too long, and this needs to change 🙂

  4. Hooray for keeping up the walking! I have to say that entree dish looks so good. It’s time for breakfast and I still want to eat it!

  5. You are the birthday party queen for sure, I guess it comes with the territory when having lots of friends 🙂 Waiting over an hour to eat, yikes, but your ravioli looks great.

    • Marie, we’re very lucky, we get to celebrate with a lot of wonderful people! Guess we should be happy so many people want us with them. The wait was long, but the food was good when it got there! Have a great day!

  6. Wow, those are some beautiful ravioli!

  7. If you want to know how far you’re walking (and if you’re on roads), http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/ is pretty cool, you can map out your route and it tells you how far you walk! No fancy GPS equipment required.

  8. that restaurant is great! we first tried it with these owners for EP’s birthday back in December. i wasn’t too impressed. but we just went back last month, and it was amazing! I didn’t know about the spinach ravioli. looks awesome. I had a delicious salad with apples and a wonderful dressing.

    little ridiculous trivia: Al Capone used the building as a hideout! I’m sure it was under different ownership back then. 😉

  9. Your ravioli looks delicious! i’ve been loving rice creackers with nut butter for lunch lately too.

  10. I love your zebra ravioli! I wish I had the patience to make it myself! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Becks! Oh, my goodness…I don’t think I’d EVER have the patience to make even regular ravioli! I’m an “open the freezer bag” kind of girl when it comes to ravioli! 😉

      • I’m the same way. Except, last year we inherited a pasta maker and I’ve been meaning to pull it out again and channel my inner Italian grandmother.

        But I think I’ll leave fancy things that aren’t sheets of dough to the real Italian grandmothers.

      • Becks, that’s a good idea, I think! I love to watch the Italian ladies on TV making the ravioli and pasta and say, “That’s all it takes!” What are they crazy!!

  11. What a shame the service was so bad but at least the food was worth waiting for – and the cake’s lovely.
    It’s so good you can feel a difference from the walking; there’s no better motivation than that! Those oats look lovely and creamy; what were they soaked in?

    • It all turned out well in the end, thank goodness! I make my overnight oats with 1/2 cup oats, 1/3 cup ff vanilla yogurt, 1/2 cup almond milk. The yellowy color here is because of tropical fruit protein powder. I try to add some kind of protein poweder. I like them warm so I put them in the microwave for a minute and 30 seconds. So good… I need to remember to make them more often!

  12. caloricandcrazy

    Wow that spinach ravioli looks pretty!

  13. moderngirlnutrition

    The ravioli is gorgeous! I wish I could make ones that look like that:) Your overnight oats look incredible, too!

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