The Terrific and The Ok

Life is grand in Silver City in spite of roof issues and thunderstorms. 

The impending thunderstorm that we thought was headed South.  It whipped around to visit us, but thankfully After the man checking the roof was safely on the ground again!  Where our house is located, when a storm comes, it feels like we’re surrounded.  It was really a downpour on Friday afternoon.

After the storm cleared, Ralph and I decided we needed something for dinner and decided to try somewhere we had never eaten before.   We picked the Silver Cafe.

It’s conveniently located down town.  It was however crowded and noisy.  The waitresses did not seem very friendly either.  We heard later in the evening from someone who said if you’re not a regular, they’re not very friendly.  How many times does it take to become a regular?!

I did enjoy my food…

The photo doesn’t look that appetizing, but the chile relleno was very good.  There was rice hiding behind the red chile sauce that was pretty dried up, but the chile themselves were very good.  Ralph and I have decided we probably won’t go back.  There are lots of other places in town to try!

Now for the Good of the day!  We have been passing Alotta Gelato for so many years here and for whatever reason, we just didn’t stop in.  I needed something after our dinner and although Ralph was reluctant at first (“But it’s not Ice Cream…”) he relented and we walked across the street.  Am I ever glad we did!

There are so many choices and Starr, the owner along with her husband Mitch, couldn’t me nicer or more friendly.  I had something called Gila Conglomerate…ok, you have to try something with a name like that.  It’s named for a local rock formation.  But after I had my trial taste, there was no question that it would be my choice.

Caramel flavored gelato with pieces of dark chocolate and Heath Bar.  It was so delicious!  My next try is going to be cinnamon.  It was fresh and delicious.

We started talking with Starr and a lady named Elise from Kansas City who is here for a visit.  Of course, Ralph got on the topic of drawing and started to give Elise a drawing lesson.

It was such an inviting place that we stayed for what seemed like several hours, it probably wasn’t.  It was busy, but whenever she had a few minute lull, Starr came back to visit with us some more.  She also gave me some good information about points of interest in the area and other restaurants.  We’ll be taking her up on some of her suggestions.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of her, but Ralph drew her caricature.  I should have taken a picture of that!  Alotta Gelato is a great place and I don’t know what took us so long to get there…Trust me, we’ve got to stop in there again at least once before we head back to NJ. 

Ralph and I often say that the days seem so much longer here in New Mexico.  Friday was certainly one of those days.  It’s an amazing sensation.  We ask other people if they feel the same way.  Some say yes and some say no.  I guess we’re the lucky ones, because our Enchanted Days here in the Land of Enchantment seem to go on forever!

Happy Saturday!!  What will we do Today?!? 😉

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2 responses to “The Terrific and The Ok

  1. Glad your gelato was good–Gelato is my favorite. Usually I order hazelnut, so good. Your view is gorgeous!

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