Saturday Walkabout

Saturday was a day when Ralph and I were each going to get to do something that we wanted to do.  Later in the day we were going to a gun show at the local armory but in the morning it was a Silver City Walkabout.

Saturday is the farmer’s market here.  I didn’t buy anything this time and honestly, there wasn’t a lot there.  It was kind of disappointing.  I’ve been told that due to the fact that there was a bit of a drought most of the summer, there hasn’t been a lot of local produce.  Now that the rains are coming, things will be better for the local farmers.  Sadly, next week will be our last farmer’s market here so we won’t be able to take much advantage of it.  If we’re lucky, by this time next year, we’ll be here for good and can take advantage then.

I did a lot of walking, from shop to shop…and there are a lot of them here. I bought a few little things, but nothing big, a few surprises for some people back in New Jersey. I did most of Bullard Street and stopped in at the thrift store.  I got three shirts for Ralph and two for myself, both denim.  Hey, I out West, I need to wear denim!  When they only cost $2, how can you pass them up?! 😉 Next week Ralph and I hope to do the shops on Broadway.  That’s where the antique mall is.  It has a huge back room filled with books!  Can’t wait!

We stopped at Taco Bell for lunch and I was excited to get to try their new black bean burrito.  Of course, I forgot to take a photo until it was half eaten!

 It was really tasty and I would definitely order it again.  With a little verde taco sauce…Yummy!

Ralph and I are off on a short road trip to El Paso on Sunday.  We’re going down to visit our friends Ed and Del.  They were going to drive up but they’re older and it’s too long a ride for them.  We’re looking forward to seeing them and I’m sure we’ll do something interesting while we’re there.

I wanted to leave you with the pretty amazing sight of Saturday morning’s sunrise.  The mountain you see in the photos is a local landmark, The Kneeling Nun.

These sort of look like the same photo but they’re not.  It was such an incredible sight.  I think these turned out pretty well.  Imagine what I’ll be able to do when I get a real camera!!  Can’t wait!

Happy Sunday! “Down in the West Texas town of El Paso…”

10 responses to “Saturday Walkabout

  1. Next thing you know you’ll have to get some boots and a ten gallon hat! So pretty where you are Fran, you must be so excited to move there 🙂

  2. “The kneeling nun” is a great name. Sounds like you’re having a lovely trip and a nice preview of what things will be like for you when the move comes!

    • Hi Zo!! We’re having a great time! Our first trip here, we stopped at an overlook spot and the sigh said “The Kneeling Nun.” We had no idea what we were looking for and so didn’t see it. On last year’s trip we came the same route and passed that spot and Yes, indeed…there was the Nun! She greets me everymorning through my front window!

  3. I love black beans – burgers, dip, hummus, whatever. The burrito looks great – didn’t know they had that – thank you!

  4. Gorgeous sunset, I love the middle picture with the grasses especially 🙂
    Hope you had a great trip yesterday – and love the bargains!

  5. The sunrise is beautiful! Great shots. 🙂

    Congrats on your bargains!

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