Just a Little Sunday Drive

Ralph and I don’t mind road trips.  That should be fairly obvious from what we’ve been doing over the last three weeks!  So a quick ride down to Anthony, Texas, a suburb of El Paso, was nothing much for us!  Two hours each way, no problem.

It was an interesting ride and yes as Ralph chided me afterwards, I should have had my camera out.  Ok, so I’m frustrated at not being able to get good photos from a moving car, in low light, on alternate Thursdays…so sometimes I don’t bother.  Which is why I don’t have a photo of the 6 0r 7 mule deer we saw crossing the road all at one time!  They were beautiful.

Our route down, took us through an area called the Black Range.  It’s beautiful and otherworldly.  Since the first time I saw it, I’ve said that The Hobbit should have been filmed there.  It’s filled with lots of ups and downs and twists and turns.  You know…the kind of turns preceded by a yellow sign with a squiggly arrow that says “15 mph.”  VERY twisty!  It may be the reason for my upset stomach today.  I’ve had that happen on previous trips through there.

We made it safely to our friends house.  Ralph even remembered which exit to take and by taking the correct exit, he found the house without any frustration or phone calls saying, “We’re here…how do we get THERE?” 

We had a nice long visit with them.  We went out to lunch at IHOP where I haven’t eaten in years and I mean Years!  Our waitress couldn’t have been nicer and I was able to get a quesadilla with the chicken left in the kitchen.

 Pretty tasty and their coffee was really good. 

We came back to Ed and Del’s house after lunch and just spent the afternoon and evening chatting.  It was great fun.  They had planned on coming to visit us in Silver City, but Ed wasn’t feeling well.  Now he’s feeling better, so they may be visiting us later in the week.  That will be a real treat so that we can show them what we’ve been doing with the house.

It seems that this last week in New Mexico is going to be a busy one with various obligations.  Today, I get to play fashion co-ordinator with my friend, Tonja.  She’s leaving at the end of August for a month in Croatia, where she was born.  She’s asked me to help co-ordinate the wardrobe she’s taking so that she can make the most of her luggage space.  It promises to me interesting!  Hope my stomach cooperates!

I’ll leave you with some cool rocks that we passed on our road trip yesterday.

The landscape is amazing around here!

Happy Monday!!

6 responses to “Just a Little Sunday Drive

  1. Wow Fran,, that sky is PRETTY. Safe driving!!!!

  2. Such FUN!!!!!!! Enjoying your travels …. oh and BTW – set your camera to the little guy that looks like he is running (sports mode) and you can get lots and lots of shots as you speed by at 70 miles an hour – trust me I know 🙂 Patti Acton

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