…Because They Don’t Know The Words!

The title is the answer to the question, “Why do Hummingbirds hum?”  Ok, my brain is too tired at the moment, so don’t make fun of my goofy jokes!

Monday was a frustrating day in some ways and good in others.  I was up WAY too early, 4am, which I thought I had left back in New Jersey.  Regardless, I got up and got myself together.  I was going to be visiting with my friend Tonja to help her coordinate her wardrobe for her trip to Croatia.  Turns out, she didn’t need help with that, she just wanted us to have a little time together to talk and relax.  She made Croatian coffee, we had some sweet snacks (I’ve got to stop all of this “extra” eating!!) and sat out on her patio.  It was very nice and I enjoyed the chance for just the two of us to talk. 

While sitting there, I decided to try my hand at taking photos of the many hummingbirds that come to her feeders.  When we were in California, we spent a lot of time watching the hummingbirds at my cousin Kim’s house.  But I wasn’t able to catch any photos of them.  I think I did better here.

I think they turned out pretty well.  Now if only I had gotten a photography tip from my friend, Patti, before I had taken these.  She told me I need to use the “running man” setting on my camera for speed and movement.  I have to check the camera now to find that!!  Guess I’ll just have to go back and spend another morning looking at the hummingbirds!

Oh yes, there were humans involved, too.

Me and Tonja when she brought me home.  Yes…she IS that tiny!!  She’s a great lady and we had great fun!

Since we’ll only be here a few more days and since we can’t seem to find someone to fix the fridge, we’re just going to forget about it until our next visit (Which will hopefully be soon AND will be when we actually move here!)  Then we also realized that our wonderful air mattress bed that we love so much has a leak!  So one of today’s projects is finding the leak… 😦

Happy Tuesday!

10 responses to “…Because They Don’t Know The Words!

  1. Happy Tuesday, Fran!

    Your pictures remind me of how much I miss watching hummingbirds. We don’t seem to have them here, but when I was growing up, they were always around.

    Good luck with the leak and have a great day!

  2. Gorgeous hummingbirds! And yeah, they are SO hard to get clear pictures of, even with the “action” setting on. And now I want to know what Croatian coffee is! Is it the beans used or how it’s prepared?

    • Alliie, it’s a version of Turkish coffee. I don’t have a recipe yet because I need the right pot, which Tonja is bringing me back from Croatia. Apparently you grind the beans to as fine as possible and then grind sugar in with it. She’s also done it with cinnamon which I really like. When I find out the right way to make it, I’ll share!

  3. We have hummingbirds visit us every so often and my kids love it. Maybe I should get a feeder to encourage more visits.

  4. Awesome shots of the hummingbirds.

  5. Such awesome hummers! Looks like there were a ton of them!

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