New Jersey Welcomes Us!

Well, actually, it didn’t officially welcome us.  Unlike so many of the other states, I didn’t notice any sign from New Jersey offering a welcome.  Maybe that’s because we were too bleery eyed to see it!

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ve heard me rambling on about our trip back to New Jersey from New Mexico.  We left Silver City at 7:30am on Sunday and made it to Joplin, MO at about 12:15am.  We left Joplin at 9:30am on Monday and arrived in the door here in New Jersey at 7:00am Tuesday! 

After a quick trip to the necessary, I was in my jammies and out like a light.  Ralph chose the option of having a cigar outside first.  I woke up at exactly 10am!  What is wrong with me?  Ralph is still sleeping peacefully and I’m happy to see it.  He did all of the driving on this trip back. 

It was a bit of a tough trip too, especially when we got to the Pennsylvania turnpike.  It was like someone turned on a hose as soon as we went through the toll plaza!  It rained like crazy for most of the trip back.  There was such an incredible amount of construction going on, too.  That’s something that we noticed during this trip…Construction!  If I had a dollar for every orange striped barrel and cone that we saw, I could turn right around and go back to New Mexico!

I am moving a bit in slow motion but I do have a plan for the day.  While Ralph sleeps, I’m going to try to get as much out of the car as possible.  We have to get it cleaned out and returned to the rental agency.  I’d like to get it back today to avoid another day’s charge.  We’ll see how that works.  They’re open until 6pm. I think we can manage it.

I also need to stock up since there is NO FOOD in the house.  I cannot WAIT to get to the produce market.  I am seriously in need of some fruits and veggies and I long to fill up my Big Purple Bowl with one of my creations.  The issues with our fridge in New Mexico put a serious damper on my salad consumption.  I have a lot of catching up to do…in a lot of ways. 😉

In an effort to get that catching up started, I’ll get out of here and get going.  I do believe there will be need for a nap later today.  I think I’m allowed!

Thank you all for all of your comments while I’ve been away.  I realize I haven’t been able to comment very often on your posts and I do appreciate you not forgetting me!  I’ll be back on track starting tomorrow!

Happy Tuesday!!

10 responses to “New Jersey Welcomes Us!

  1. valerie andruss

    Happy Tuesday! sounds like you made really good time

  2. Welcome back to the Garden State Fran!

  3. welcome back to Jersey!

  4. welcome home, fran! hope you had already used your big purple bowl!

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