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The Weight Is Over

Saturday morning started with my alarm not going off at the time I expected.  It’s the only day of the week I set an alarm and the only day I ever seem to over sleep! I was very anxious to get to Weight Watchers to see how I did.  Of course, regardless of how early I get up, I still can’t get into the Center to weigh in until 7:30.  I like to be ready though! 😉

My excitement about getting there paid off.  I lost 2 and 1/4 pounds! I felt pretty certain I’d have a loss but that’s better than I expected.  All of my caution and mindfulness (obsessing…) over the past week paid off.  I tracked and tracked like a crazy person.  Interesting that WW is now encouraging an 8 week Countdown Challenge.  8 weeks until Thanksgiving.  We’ll have a new mission each week to help us stay on track.  The mission this week…Track Your Food! Ok, I think I have this one handled.

Seriously though, I think that tracking is perhaps the most useful tool that WW teaches us.  I know it makes a huge difference for me.  If you’re a WW member or not…if you’re trying to lose or maintain your weight…Write it down!

I hemmed and hawed about this next bit.  I’ve known for several weeks that Saturday was the county library book sale.  I’ve been trying to NOT buy any more books.  It’s not the expense because I usually buy them at Goodwill or one of the other thrift stores and they’re either 49 or 99 cents.  I just HAVE so many.  I finally said, “What the heck!” and asked Ralph if he wanted to go.  He said yes…Ele and I had already discussed the possibility of going so off we went.

Ele was very restrained only buying 3.  In my defense, Ralph bought Many more than I did.  Here’s my pile with a Goodwill purchase thrown in…

Excited that I found another Alice Hoffman, she’s one of my favorites.  I thought the cactus book will come in handy when we get to New Mexico so as Ralph said, “We’ll know which ones have flowers we can cook!”  I was so surprised he said that.  I’ve never read P.D. James, but I’ve picked up several of hers lately.  Think she needs to move to the top of the pile.  Got another one by Jim Ferfus when we were in NM and this one looked interesting.  We’ll see how it goes.

After the book sale, we were all starved and decided to stop at the Harrison House Diner.  We don’t go here very often because there are so many other diners closer and a little less expensive but it was close and we had a good experience.

Trying to stay on track even though I just weighed in I chose what they call their Neptune Salad.

Pretty standard, but that’s what I was looking for.  Romaine, carrots, tomatoes, olives, peppers and feta cheese.  I asked for the balsamic vinaigrette and it was good.  They were also very generous with it, 2 little pitchers which was more than enough.  Must confess I ate 2 rolls as well which were warm and fresh.

I’m starting the new week feeling strong and with my plan in place.  I’ll be tracking everything carefully and sharing what I do.  It is a big help to me when I talk about it here.  I’ll make it interesting I promise. 😉

Off to see what excitement Sunday holds!

Happy Sunday!!

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Focus On Food

That is certainly seems to be what I’ve done this week.  I needed to do it and I do hope that it wasn’t too boring to any of you.  I was seriously off of several tracks and needed to focus in.  Those of you reading for a while know that focus is often one of my issues, but I feel I’ve succeeded this week and I’ve learned one important thing about myself.

On Thursday night, I finished off the impromptu soup I made the other day.  As with most soups, it tasted better the second day.  Topped with some shredded mozzarella and provolone.  This is where the thing I’ve realized about myself comes in.  Cheese.  I can’t control cheese, I can’t keep it around. Sliced or shredded…if it’s in the fridge…it’s in my mouth.  It’s sad, but I have to do something about my lack of control.  My plan is this.  I won’t buy any shredded cheese and will try not to buy too much sliced cheese.  I can’t keep that out completely because Ralph likes it for sandwiches.  I just have to make myself a rule that I will not eat it.  It worked with chips.  As of October 9, it will 19 months since I’ve had chips.  It has helped.

My plan is that I will allow myself the grated Locatelli cheese, I can use that in stir fries and salad.   I will also allow myself cottage cheese.  Not technically a cheese, but it works well to give stir fries some “cheesiness.”  I’ll try not to be boring about this, but I will keep myself in line by talking about it here.  Wish me Luck!

Thursday night for a snack I had…

My wonderful crock pot apples topped with fat-free vanilla yogurt and a bit of cinnamon.  Excellent snack!

Friday breakfast was overnight oats made with 1/2 cup of oats, 1/2 cup of almond milk and 1/2 cup of this pomegranate Lifeway Kefir.  Topped with frozen blueberries before 1 minute and 30 seconds in the microwave.  The Kefir is tangy and fruity and I love it in this.

Made the most of Friday morning getting some snacks ready…

Carrots and celery chopped and ready will help me stay on track.

Boiled up some eggs for lunches and snacks.

Friday’s lunch…chopped Romaine with cottage cheese and hard-cooked egg with Lots of ground black pepper.  A side of carrots and celery.  Forgot I had this little bowl that matches my Big bowl!

Saturday morning, I’ll find how successful I’ve been this week when I get to Weight Watchers for my weigh in.  I’m feeling good…good food choices, lots of exercise.  And the all important factor that I am sometimes missing…Focus! I’m looking forward to Success!! 😉

Happy Saturday!!

Rainy Day Re-Worked

I was up at about 5 am which seems to be my new natural wake up time.  I like it better than 3 am!! I worked on the computer for a while and was probably 15 minutes from getting dressed and out the door for my walk, when what do I hear but Rain!  😦   I must say, I was not happy but I decided to re-work the day.

I had these little babies, some Gala apples I got at the produce market earlier in the week that weren’t great to start and went down hill quickly.  So…when you have “sawdust” apples what do you do?  Get out the crock pot and get to work!

Lots of chopping…

Crock pot full!!  After chopping everything, I sprinkle in 2 packets of Splenda, and a liberal sprinkling of cinnamon and apple pie spice.  Plug it in, turn it on and do other things!

What I did was get on my exercise bike.  Please pay no attention to the “stuff” on the floor!

I read while riding as well as using one of my hand weights.

I’m trying to finish Divergent by Veronica Roth

Divergent (Divergent Series #1)

It was slow to start but now I’m really getting into it!  In fact, I didn’t want to stop reading and ended up riding for an Hour!  I was impressed with myself, because I really need to get as much exercise as possible.  I was feeling so stiff and sore and the first 2 days I walked I was Very stiff after.  Today, with riding for an hour…I’m not stiff at all.  I also tried to step up my speed.  In fact, besides using the hand weights while on the bike, anytime I read, I try to have my hand weights nearby and use them.  Building and maintaining upper body strength is important.

Oh, and the apples…they crocked away while I rode the bike, got cleaned up, dressed and went grocery shopping!

They didn’t make a huge amount because there were only 5 apples.  But…it’ll be enough to add to oatmeal AND to use as a snack.  This is such an easy way to make a special treat which costs me nothing on Weight Watchers!  That, of course, is Ok By Me!  Hope the sun is shining where you are!  🙂

Happy Friday!!

Which Way Is Up?

This is one of those posts where I have no clear direction and I don’t know where I’ll end up.  However, here I am willing to make no sense and do it publicly!

There is no reason, but I have no clue what I’ve been up to.  I did get up and do my walk this morning.  Initially I thought I might have to head home after only a block because it started to drizzle.  I kept going and it was my good fortune that it stopped!  I am Meant to exercise! 😉

There’s not much in the house in the way of groceries.  I used the very last of the Romaine last night for a salad.

It was good in spite of not having any add ins other that shredded cheese.

When I got up Wednesday morning, knowing the lack of groceries, I thought about making one of the Weight Watchers soups I always like to make in the Fall and Winter.  I was pretty sure I had all of the ingredients.  However, what I didn’t have and couldn’t find was the recipe! 😦  I decided, Oh Well…I’ve made it enough times, I could figure it out.

Started with garlic and onions with olive oil.

I added in a lot of dried Italian seasoning and some ground black pepper.

I opened a can of diced tomatoes and a can of white cannellini beans.

I drained and rinsed the beans.  Added them to the pot with 3 tomato cans full of water.  I think it called for 3 cups, but I’m not sure!

Frozen mixed veggies (I used all that was left in the package-they were old and needed to be used) and whole wheat elbow pasta.  I’m not sure if the recipe called for 3/4 cup or 1 cup.  I did 1 cup.

The finished product.  Now I haven’t tasted it yet, but I’m sure it will be fine.  I figure considering the fact that I make things up all the time, why not just make this up as I go along!  I’m pretty sure that I’m close to the original.  The test will be when we eat it for dinner!  I’ll top it with grated cheese and that will help ANY thing!

Obviously, this all means that I Must go grocery shopping tomorrow.  I feel I’ve done really well this week so far on my food choices, so it really would be nice if I have something in the house to work with .

I’ll get through all of this.  A big pot of soup always makes it better!

Happy Thursday!!


WIAW~I’m Walking The Walk

I’m feeling strong and focused about this Entire food choice thing.  I’m feeling that I AM back on track and will continue to be.  Now of course, I know like all of you know, it will happen again at some point in time.  As long as it doesn’t happen TOO often and as long as I don’t need to pay anything to anybody (Weight Watchers) on Saturday, we can all remain friends!! 😉

But of course we know why we’re here today.  Disneyworld may claim to be the happiest place on Earth (we all know it’s actually New Mexico 😉  ) but the happiest Day of the week is Wednesday…Why?? What I Ate Wednesday, Of Course!!  It’s the fun and games thought up by Jenn at Peas & Crayons.  She just lets us play along!

Peas and Crayons

Our theme is still Fall Into Good Habits.  I guess I’ve been falling Back into good habits and I am feeling so much more focused and pleased with what I’ve been doing.

On Sunday night, I made something that does not photograph well, but was very tasty.

I sautéed up onion, garlic, zucchini and spices with a can of Ro-Tel fire roasted tomatoes with green chile.  When it was all cooked, I stirred in a cup of cottage cheese.  It got all bubbly and gooey and I then poured it all over previously prepared quinoa.  This was quick and delicious.  It’s great to have some grains cooked up and waiting in the fridge rather than me waiting for them!

Monday could have been a slip but I didn’t let it be.  Ralph and I took his son Bill out to breakfast for his birthday.  I chose wisely.

One of my favorite things…a spinach and Feta cheese omelette with sliced tomatoes.  Very good.  This was my first omelette at this diner and I was pleased.

Breakfast on Tuesday was fat-free vanilla yogurt topped with Fiber One and fresh strawberries.  Delicious.  Love my little stoneware bowl which I got from the “free” box at the church rummage sale!

Lunch was an old favorite…

A quick salad of Romaine, carrot sticks and 1 cup of reduced fat cottage cheese topped with Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime.  Very tasty and filling.

So what does any of this do with my title-Walking The Walk??

After almost 2 months absence due to traveling, I pulled on my sneakers and got out the door for a walk this morning!  I didn’t do the full route I had been doing prior to leaving, but I did about 3/4 of it and it made me very happy.  I feel better for having done it and happy for being back in my routine again.

So that’s What I Ate Wednesday for me this week.  Be sure to make your way over to Peas & Crayons when you’re finished here to see what everybody’s got in the feed bag this week and leave some comments…We ALL love to hear from you!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!

Bring Back The Old Emmys

I want all of you to know that I feel that I’ve had several very strong days when it comes to my food choices.  Sunday went well even when I was watching the Emmys telecast and Monday has gone well.  I feel I’m really on track and my mind is in the right place.

I am a bit upset about something however.  I don’t know how much I’ve ever discussed it, but I grew up as a big TV watcher.  I watched everything I could get to, I even used to make deals with my Mom and Dad regarding my bedtime so that I could see the shows I wanted to see.

I have always been a big fan of Award Shows.  Oscars, Tonys, Emmys, Golden Globes.  I’m there, I want to know who wins, I want to hear their acceptance speeches.  Even if I haven’t seen the movie or even seen a single episode of a TV show…I love the spectacle…the hoop-la.

But I want them to bring back the Old Emmys…I want the days when it was about the glamor and the TV shows.  The days when the jokes told by the host were not embarrassing or sophomoric.  The days when just about every other word out of the host’s mouth was Not the name of or a reference to some body part or bodily function that used to be private.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned but I don’t like that.  I also wonder why it matters, or why the host should ask how many people are voting for one candidate or the other and then he makes a caustic comment about one actor’s absence because he’s for a particular candidate.

I don’t like to talk about politics here.  I won’t be goaded into talking about it on Facebook no matter how many comments my friends make wanting to open my eyes to one way of thinking or another.  But it’s not just that my on-line presence that I want to keep politic free and polite.  I try to do that in real life.  I won’t discuss this topic and I won’t use inappropriate language.  I’m not a goodie two shoes, but I just don’t like to hear it and I most likely won’t use it if we’re having a conversation.

I grew up watching people like Garry Moore, Danny Thomas, Red Skelton and  Andy Griffith.  That was TV, with no talk of politics and no inappropriate language.  I couldn’t help but think of what these old stars would think about how the Emmy ceremony was conducted last night.  I don’t think they’d have liked it any better than I did.

I’m going to gently step down off of my soap box in order to not hurt myself.  I know this is not the kind of post I usually write, but it’s been bothering me and I wanted to get it off my chest.  Opps…breaking my own rule…can’t talk about my chest! 😉

Happy Tuesday!

No Whining Zone

First of all, I want to thank everyone for your kind words and support regarding my last several posts.  I have not been happy with myself, my food choices and certainly not my result from Saturday’s Weight Watchers weigh in .  It was very distressing and frustrating and has my mind going in circles to figure out what went wrong.  I think I need to stop wasting my energy trying to find out what happened and just move on.  I mentioned that if I gain anymore I will have to pay.  My friend Zo suggested that since I identified that as the line in the sand that I will not cross, then I know what to do.  She’s right and the more I think about it, that’s all I need to remember.

In fact a few years ago, prior to starting BCDC, I was over goal and I was paying each week.  I realized all the money I was wasting.  I tallied up what I had paid to that point during the time I was over goal.  I wrote that total on the front of my WW membership card.  Each week, I wrote what I paid and added it to the total.  When I actually saw what it was costing me, I got myself on track and before long, I was free again.

That’s what I’m going to keep in mind this week-that total, which I don’t remember at the moment but it was in the area of $500.00!  I’m not spending one more penny on this.  I know what has to be done and I WILL do it!

I started the day with a good breakfast in order to feel on track.

A very tasty egg sandwich with sriracha sauce.  I love making these and Ralph enjoys when I do.  Counts for 5 Points and is very filling.  I resisted putting cheese on it as I think I’ve decided that cheese is one of my problems.  Breaks my heart but I’m going to have to be very careful of cheese.  I can’t give it up altogether, but I need to Beware.

I toyed with the idea of posting what all of my Points are for my various meals, but decided against it.  I think it might be a little boring for all of you who are not WW members.  I’ll continue as I have…sharing the Points when I think something is an especially good Points value.  Tracking will be crucial though, so I’ll be writing EVERYTHING!

But I do prefer to be positive rather than negative.  I think I’ve been throwing out too many negative comments lately.  I don’t want that to continue.  So from now on…


Happy Monday!!


Square One

Isn’t that where you go when you need to start over?  When all else fails?  That’s where I need to go.  I got to my Weight Watchers meeting with high hopes.  I had tried hard since getting home from Atlanta on Monday.  I’d written everything down.  Only thing I wasn’t tracking was my Weekly Points Allowance because I had used all I had over the weekend.  (At least I think I did)  I still calculated anytime I went over my daily Points.  I didn’t feel good physically this morning, I felt bloated and vaguely sausage like.  My anxiety was proved correct when I got on the scale and I had gained a pound and a half.  If that wasn’t bad enough that weight put me at Exactly 2 pounds over my goal.  That means if I gain any more, I pay.  THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

Which is why I’m going back to Square One.  I’ve done this program for a very long time and I know what is necessary.  Regardless of my experience, I can still foul things up, which obviously I have.  So I start over.

It probably shouldn’t have happened, but Ralph wanted to go to a Chinese restaurant for lunch so I relented.  Under ordinary circumstances, I would allow myself some flexibility on a Saturday, but I must admit, I felt guilty doing this today.

Egg drop soup.   I think I was feeling so guilty that I didn’t really enjoy this very much.

I ordered from the lunch menu and got veggie delight-veggies and tofu and requested brown rice instead of white.  This was very good, but again I didn’t enjoy it as much as usual, because I do believe I was feeling guilty.

Obviously, I need to get a new game plan…Go back to Square One.  There’s going to be a lot of planning going on around here in the next few days.  I do seriously need to get back on track and I’m the only once who is able to make the changes necessary.  So between reading the new books I got today both from the library, library book sale and a thrift store…oh yes and watching monster movies on Turner Classics…I’ll be planning my come back!

Happy Sunday!!


Second Breakfast Day!

Without even knowing it…I fell into a tradition.  Apparently Friday was Second Breakfast Day.  That of course is a Hobbit tradition.  I feel sorry for any of you who are not familiar with The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings.  I am not a mad, crazy fan like some people I know (who will remain nameless so that I’m not drummed out of the family) but because of my love of food, I certainly can be comfortable with the idea of Second Breakfast!

In my efforts to get myself back on track with my eating, I actually put together some overnight oats last night.  My usual combo- 1/2 cup oats, 1/3 cup Fat Free vanilla yogurt, 1/2 cup almond milk, frozen blueberries and cinnamon.

After a minute and 30 seconds in the microwave (I’m really not a fan of them cold, although I will eat them that way if I have to) I added fresh strawberries.  I really need to get myself organized to make this more often.  I just have to plan the night before.  I enjoy them so much.  Need to come up with some variations, too.

I had finished my oats and was doing some chores when Ralph said, “I want to go out to lunch, where would you like to go?”  It was 11am!  Now, I always have to consider the fact that I’m weighing in on Saturday.  I decided I could go to the diner, have breakfast and not do too much damage.

And without knowing it…I was celebrating Second Breakfast Day!  I had a spinach and American cheese omelette with sliced tomatoes and dry rye toast.  It really was very tasty.  I often will have an omelette at a diner for lunch or dinner.  It’s easier to calculate the Points for this than it is for some other menu choices.  Besides…I really like omelettes!  And it was actually a lunch special today so I got a side salad to bring home and Ralph got my dessert…vanilla cake.  All were happy!

I am so glad to be back in my salad routine again.  I know I’ve been whining about veggies and salad…but they make me happy.  Started by making something I haven’t made in a while.

A big pot of quinoa cooked up in veggie broth…Yum.  I love adding this to a salad, but I’ve fallen out of the habit of making it.  Like getting that extra protein punch~

Oh, was I happy with this!  Home made dressing-olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey and Dijon mustard.  The salad was Romaine, shaved carrots, green and red bell pepper, plum tomatoes, black beans, quinoa and shredded cheddar.  It was SO good!!  It was filling and helped me stay on track.  Another thing that I did to help stay on track-while I was getting the carrots ready for the salad, I peeled and cut some up for snacking later.  Also need to do that more often.

Funny how we fall in and out of the good habits we’ve developed.  I plan on staying On Track and hang on to those good habits.  Hoping for a good result at Weight Watchers today.  Happy Second Breakfast Day!

Happy Saturday!

Feeling Full…Of Veggies

I was complaining yesterday about the lack of veggies (and fruit) I consumed on my two recent trips.  I worked on correcting that today.  I headed off to our local produce market to do some stocking up.

Red bell peppers, Gala apples, bananas and strawberries.  I also got onions (which for some reason I always forget to buy), plum tomatoes and more Romaine lettuce.  I still have some Romaine from before the Atlanta trip but it needs serious pruning to be useful.  Didn’t want to be without so I had to get more!

Made a stop at Shoprite and picked up these.

I keep hearing so much about the apple cider vinegar cocktail.  I never thought that Shoprite would have the Bragg’s but they did.  Since I can’t find Kombucha bottled, I decided I should give it a try in tea bag form.  My plan is to make the tea tonight and it will be cold for morning consumption.  Should be interesting to see what happens.  I’ll keep you posted on this.

After my shopping trip, I had a banana and Shoprite brand Greek yogurt with honey.  This brand is so good and was on sale for 88 cents, much cheaper than Chobani and very tasty.  It was as filling as I had hoped.

Lunchtime came and I was glad I had finally remembered to get cottage cheese.  It really is a protein bonus-15 grams for a half cup and only 2 Points on Weight Watchers.

I removed some of the sad and droopy leaves from one of the leftover heads of Romaine to get to the good part. Chopped that up with too older plum tomatoes.  Topped with the half cup of cottage cheese, chopped jarred jalapeno and sweet pickle relish.  Of course I also added (as always!) enormous amounts of ground black pepper!  This is one of my old favorites and very filling, too.

I’m feeling more back on track now and I’m hoping for a respectable result on Saturday at Weight Watchers.  I’ve felt so off track since we got back, but I’m doing my best to focus on the tasks at hand-both regarding food and projects.  There’s just so much to do…I need to Inspire Myself!

When I got home from my shopping chores, I find this on the bed…

Ralph confirms that it’s me…I know my hair is short but it’s not That Short!!  Guess I need to grow it in a bit to not see this again!

Happy Friday!!