WIAW~Feeling Like A Human

In all my daze and confusion during our recent trip to New Mexico and California, I never forgot What I Ate Wednesday.  One week I had to post a non-food edition, but hey, I still TALKED about food and I was here for the party.  I’m feeling more like a human now and I’m getting back to more of a normal routine…well, normal for me at least! Remember that this fun food fest is brought to you by Jenn over at Peas & Crayons.  Be sure to visit all of the other fun food people over there when you’re finished here…Leave some comments, Kids!

Peas and Crayons

It’s Fall and I love Jenn’s new WIAW logo…there I said it!

Tuesday was the first day where I felt back on track in food and in other aspects.  Started with a good breakfast.

Barbara’s shredded oats-leftover and brought back from NM.  I can’t find them anywhere in the regular grocery stores here.  I have to start looking further afield.  Delicious with the Silk Pure Almond!  This bowl makes me Happy!

In my effort to get back on track, I made egg salad in the morning.  It’s a great thing to have on hand because both Ralph and I can eat it for lunches (oh, Ok, for snacks sometimes too!)  A big plop of it (Ok, I measured…it was a half cup) on top of some of the leftover salad from the big salad I made to take to Ele’s on Saturday night.  I love when I have already made salad in the fridge.  I should probably do it more often.  A little bit of Mrs. Dash Fiesta Lime and some pickled jalapeno spiced it up.  I’ve recently gotten hooked by these tasty beauties.  I had them at Ele’s house and I can get them in a jar at Aldi…cheap!  I forget what I paid, but I’ve put them in eggs, on veggie burgers…Yum!  Also love my Free yellow bowl! Perfect size for lunch.

Dinner was fairly standard…the rest of the leftover salad with some added celery, green bell peppers and tomatoes (which didn’t go in until after the photo!)  Topped with some shredded cheese and Catalina dressing (also brought back unopened from NM, couldn’t open it because of the fridge issues) Oh, yes…a Morningstar Farms spicy black bean burger, too.  They are still my favorite!  All mixed up in my very favorite…The Big Purple Bowl!!

We’ve had a great deal of rain the last few days and even though I’ve been starting to feel like getting out to walk again, the weather has Not cooperated.  I know I need to start to get exercise again.  So it was 40 minutes on the exercise bike for me.  Great way to get some exercise in and some reading…well I’m exercising too, right?! 😉  Wish I had a treadmill…once we move, I’m voting for a treadmill!

I also feel VERY accomplished because I did a lot toward sorting and packing.  My hairdresser is buying a set of dishes that I had packed away.  They were packed in plastic bins wrapped in clothes.  I thought they were my clothes but they were shirts of Ralph’s.  As I packed up the dishes in the new way I’ve learned (I’ll explain that sometime!) Ralph tried on all of the shirts to see if they still fit.  😦  Only weeded out one shirt, but I’ll find more. 

Three plastic bins OUT of the bedroom and ready to be packed with something else!  Moving them out allowed me to get to several boxes that were marked “Books Not Read.” OK! I went through those books (mostly Goodwill finds so-Cheap!) Found two duplicates of things I’ve bought again, because I didn’t realize I had them! But weeded through them as well, pulling out books I don’t think I really want to read.  More for the Yard Sale…Hooray!!  I was able to then pack in some others that were in my towering (toppling) To Read pile.  I now have more room in the bedroom and more fodder for the Yard Sale!

That brings us to the end of What I Ate Wednesday…And Everything Else I Did!!  I felt very accomplished by the end of the day.  I need more days like this in the food department and in the sorting and packing department as well!  I think it’s still rainy out there, so no walk for me today, but I WILL be on the bike!

Don’t forget…hope over to Peas & Crayons to check out what all the WIAW cuties are posting today!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!  I Need To Go Do A Project!!!




22 responses to “WIAW~Feeling Like A Human

  1. give yourself a pat on the back, fran! you had a great day of getting stuff done!
    i love that almond milk – have the exact same carton in my fridge right now (it was on sale, to boot!).
    it poured rain here yesterday, too – i think today we’re back to sun, yippee!
    very happy to see BPB again…and the yellow one!

  2. I so know what you mean! I sorted out my wardrobe yesterday which I’ve been wanting to do for YEARS already and now I feel so much lighter,haha 😀 It’s amazing!
    I tried store-bought almond milk for the very first time recently as it’s a new item in the stores here in Germany and I must say I love it a lot! It#s super expensive,but as I am only buying it for myself and no one else uses it,I think it’s worth the splurge – plus,it settles well with my stomach and that’s always great. 😉

  3. Your meals look very healthy. Yes it is a great feeling when you do some decluttering. Since having a baby my house has become a crazy mess of baby stuff. I don’t get time to use any of my own stuff so feel like just throwing away my stuff to make room for hers. The more stuff you have the more weighed down you feel so it’s’ great to have a sort out.

  4. Do you have Kroger grocery stores? I know they sell all sorts of Barbara’s cereals in the health food section. And there’s a lime version of Mrs. Dash? Oooo, I love Mrs. Dash so much, I need to find that one 😀

    • No, Allie, no Kroger… 😦 I think Wegman’s might sell them. Need to make a pilgrimage up there. YES!! I love the Fiest Lime Mrs. Dash…so good on eggs in general…egg salad in particular. I put it in Lots of things…Go Find It!!

      • Will do! I usually just buy GIANT things of the Mrs. at Costco and they only have the basic flavor, but I know I’ve seen others at the grocery store, so I’ll grab some next time I’m there 🙂

      • So, I didn’t get to the grocery store last night, but instead of just using Mrs. Dash, I topped my tofu scramblers with Mrs. Dash AND fresh lime juice. It was pretty darn good 😉

      • Great idea, Allie! When we were in NM, since I didn’t want to buy a lot of spices that would probably sit there for a year until I used them and since I wouldn’t want to bring them home because I have everything here, I bought Mrs. Dash. It is just the best! You can use it on everything! I actually think I need some more. We don’t have Costco, but I’ll have to check at BJ’s to see if the have the big ones you were talking about.

      • Exactly, you can buy the 15 spices you’d want to mix together anyway…or just get Mrs. Dash and save yourself a lot of time, money and cabinet space. No BJ’s here, I guess it’s the northern version of Costco? Hope you can find the big ones, they make Mrs. Dash even better, aka cheaper, haha

      • BJ’s is like Sam’s Club (Walmart) I’ve never been to a Costco, but I’ll bet they’re very similar. My best friend Gail has a Sam’s membership so I go there with her. She’s been in Main all summer though. 😦 I miss her.

  5. Great looking salads! I love the jalapenos on it. Need to try that on my salads sometime soon!

  6. Happy WIAW! Glad to see the return of your big purple bowl!

  7. You can find the Barbara’s cereal at Stop and Shops if they are in New Jersey and they are in the organic isle. Trader Joe’s has them as well. I am from New York so that’s where i buy the cereal and its delish!

  8. I want a treadmill too!!! Way to be productive. Organizing and packing/unpacking is my least favorite chore. I’m still working on it in our new house!

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