Plan Ahead And See What Happens…

I am doing my best to get back on track and stay there.  I feel as if I’m moving forward in a really positive way.  I had hoped to walk in the morning, but by the time the sky cleared I walked outside and thought I would fall over from the heat and humidity.  I’m not going to belabor the topic but…It wouldn’t feel like this in New Mexico!!  Just sayin’…

Started with a good breakfast…overnight oats which I actually remembered to prepare last night!

Have I ever missed these!!  Topped with last summers frozen blueberries which sadly will be gone soon.  I’ll have to buy frozen from the grocery store then. 😦

Lunch was a quick egg salad sandwich on a toasted Aldi sandwich thin…

Why quick?  Because the egg salad was already made!  Love it when I do things in advance…why don’t I do it more often?!  Pickled jalapeno…Yum…

Made a run to the produce market to pick up some salad-y things.  I made a quick stop at Family Dollar.  I didn’t know they sold black beans!  I was so excited…

I’ve been thinking about crock pot beans which I missed while we were away.  So excited to Not have to make another stop to get them.  They are soaking away and will be crocked in the morning!  Can’t wait!

One bad thing (or maybe it’s a good thing) about stopping at Family Dollar…They have their Fall decorative things out.  I had actually seen these when we were in New Mexico…

Fall mugs, napkin holder and a new set of dish towels~  I was so excited when I saw these mugs in NM!  Hard to tell from the photo but they are Big!  I think they’re probably about 12 ounces.  I have a set of these from last year in a smaller mug size but when I saw the big ones, I just fell in love.  Love a nice big mug of tea or coffee.  Only bought two of these, one for me and one for Ralph.  Can you guess which is for who?  Of course the purple is for me!  Only $2.oo each for the mugs and napkin holder, the dish towels were $3.50 for 2.  Now I’m ready for Fall to officially start!

My major project was going through mail that came in while we were away and shredding and shredding.  I do feel more orderly after accomplishing that.  I’ve got to plan out what I’m going to do tomorrow.  I want to do something that relates to sorting and packing Every Day!  Think I’ll do it?  I sure hope so!

Happy Thursday!!  Complete A Project!

8 responses to “Plan Ahead And See What Happens…

  1. hooray! what a great day, fran! i agree, it feels so good to get projects completed. yes, i DID do a task yesterday – > the main floor shower (never used) has always been a dump zone…well, i cleaned it out and it is now bare! first time in eight years!
    love that you got such a deal on those cute items for fall…a big mug is perfect for a cool autumn day (that weather will arrive!!).
    hope you have another satisfying day today!

  2. Those mugs are awesome! I’m not sure if there is a place like that near me but maybe I should look. I’m all with you on the NJ humidity. Yesterday was gross. I’ll never get used to it! Have a great day Fran!

    • Stacie, I see Family Dollar stores all over. If you go to their web site there’s a store locator. It says there are some near you but “near” is a relative term. You’d be able to tell better what’s close. I love their stores and was so excited to find there are 2 in Silver City!! I’m set! Haven’t been out yet…hoping for less humidity… 😦

  3. I know..every time I go into a decorating store, I’m lured in by all the fall pretty…so fall-like…all calling out my name! Not to mention all the Halloween black cats out there like my guy..

    • Zo, I get completely sucked into Fall decorations. I have at least 5 boxes packed in the basement and I can’t decorate with them because of so much packed around the house. I just needed a few things to let me know that Fall (my FAVORITE season!) is here!

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