End of the Season

I promised I was not going to allow myself to sound pitiful in reporting my experience with Weight Watchers and I’m not.  I’m not going to try to rationalize it either.

I gained 3 and 3/4 pounds.   Hrrumpf!  Ok, I consciously switched from light weight Capri pants to jeans.  I have to do it some time and Saturday was as good a day as any.  I knew that would show on the scale in some way (no loss, not as big a loss, small gain…) but Kids, these are not 3 3/4 pound jeans!! 

I know that I had used most of my weekly Points allowance already, but I was writing down everything and being Very aware of what I was eating.  I guess I have to leave it in the realm of  “I have NO idea what happened!!”  On to a better (although it’s going to be Crazy!) week.

After WW, I headed to Ele’s church to help with the rummage sale.  It was very slow unfortunately and with a crazy storm threatening (we had Mean skies!) we closed early.  Not before I acquired some real treasures.  I’ll do a photo shoot when I have a chance. I have no idea, however where I will store them!  I’ll figure that out at some point!

When we got back from the rummage sale, Ralph decided that we needed one more visit to Ice Cream kids…they’re closing for the season and we’re not happy.  (I can’t blame ICK for my gain, we did not go there during the week, in spite of the fact that Ralph kept nagging me to go!)

Ele eating her peanut butter cup.  I tasted it and did not need to know it was there.  I’ve never tried it…Yummy!

Happy Faces…mine was mint chocolate chip…an old favorite!

A Boy and his Banana Boat!!

Sad Faces because we won’t be coming here until next Spring.  If you haven’t tried it, you’ll have to wait until then, too.  We love it at Ice Cream Kids.  Store bought ice cream is just Not the same.  Maybe I’ll do better at Weight Watchers after it closes…Maybe not…I said I wasn’t going to blame anything or any one…  It happens!

Off to breakfast this morning with some of my favorite men!

Happy Sunday!!

Ice Cream Kids on Urbanspoon

12 responses to “End of the Season

  1. Don’t feel bad. I gained 8 pounds this month! : (

  2. wish i could have joined you all at ICK, fran!! i love the photos from your outing! looking forward to seeing what you found at the rummage sale…we had a great time at the knitter’s fair, i showed restraint!! not easy!!
    have a fun time at breakfast!!

    • We wish you could have joined us too, Cathy! Would that be fun or what?! May not get the photos of my goodies up until after our trip this week, but I’ll be sure to get them up then. I realized I haven’t shared found treasures lately. Need to get to that. Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. Sounds like a fun day despite the rough start at WW. Hopefully it’s just a blip of a weird fluctuation and next week will be better.

    That ice cream looks so good. And yes, the storms were crazy last night!

  4. We’ve rediscovered a local ice cream place we hadn’t been to in years and seem to be making weekly trips…this one isn’t seasonal (although I should hit the Rita’s across the street before it goes bye-bye for the season…), but I think it’s important to enjoy your ice cream places!

  5. ugh. sorry you had a bizarre gain, fran! I, at least, know I have not been paying enough attention, or really caring as much as I want to. but you’re right – on to a better week!!! 🙂

    so tragic that ICK is closing already! I’ll have to check our the ice cream stand in my town to see when they close. I think they’re down to only two closed “winter” months, so I might be good to wait for a while. it’s a terrible indulgence there, but I am only good for two a year now.

    • Ooo…maybe we can go to Your ice cream place…No…can’t do that, I’m going to be good. I know it’ll just take a bit of concentration and I’ll be back in line. Just need to get this week’s trip out of the way. I plan…plan, mind you…to be very mindful of my choices. We’ll see how THAT works for me…See you next week. Stay in touch!

  6. I’m glad you were still able to enjoy the ice cream! And you’ll have a better week this week, Fran 🙂 Good luck!!

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