Breakfast With The Boys!

Ralph and I hadn’t gotten the chance to see his son Bill and grandsons Alex and Patrick since we’ve been back from New Mexico.  Breakfast sounded like a good idea.  We scheduled it for 10am.  That allowed us plenty of time to enjoy ourselves and would get everyone home in time to see the Eagles game.  Yes, I have a lot of Eagles fans in my life.  I’m not a big football fan, but I’ve gotten more used to it over the years I’ve spent with Ralph.  Enough of that…Back to Breakfast!

We planned to meet at the Gateway diner.  Close for us, easy in and out for Bill and the Boys. Question to My Self: Alex is 19 and Patrick 17.  When will I stop referring to them as “The Boys?”  Probably never…they’re my Grandsons!

As is always, the diner was very busy on Sunday morning.  We got there a little early and I told the hostess there would be five of us, but they weren’t all here yet.  Gave her my name and she said just let her know when everyone was here.  I went outside to wait with Ralph and in not more than about 5 minutes they showed up.  We walked into the diner and she seated us right away.  That worked out much better than I had thought.  I was happy for that!

Strange lighting!  The blinds were down and just a bit of sun was coming in…my tomatoes look possessed! I had a spinach and cheese omelette with sliced tomatoes.  Very tasty!!

But I was really there for the company!  I love spending time with Bill and his Sons…See…I didn’t say “The Boys” that time!

After breakfast we took a short walk to a creek that runs just beside the diner.  We do that almost every time we go there because it can be so pretty.

Ralph, Patrick, Bill and Alex  A great group!

Should I title this “The End?”  I think I will.  We had a great time…The End!

Happy Monday!

20 responses to “Breakfast With The Boys!

  1. such a cute photo of them! breakfast looks lovely… especially the company. that’s always the best part of going out to eat. 🙂

  2. I love the photo of all the boys! 😉 Looks like it was a fun morning.

  3. yes, i think they can be THE BOYS forever, fran! bet they don’t mind at all!
    what a fun get-together! and so nice that the sun was shining, too!
    we love football in our family, too…the dolphins and the 49ers are my teams!
    hope you can see THE BOYS again soon!

  4. Looks like such a nice day! I sanction the use of The Boys for the long term. I’m sure I’ll still call my boys my boys when they are older 😉

  5. WOW!! I haven’t seen Bill since he was a little curly-headed tot! He’s grown up so handsome! A great photo and so glad that you guys enjoyed a great time — oxoxo

  6. Haha, my dad and his brothers are all in their seventies, and my mom and aunts still refer to them as “the boys.” No one is every too late to be one of the boys ;D

  7. I think eating breakfast out is my favorite meal – looks delicious and what nice company! 😀

  8. I love omelets. And I get very angsty about things like seating (what if it’s crowded? what if we have to wait? what if…?) glad yours worked out.

  9. For a second I thought you were having eggs with smoked salmon..the lighting is really funny! LOL

    Great pictures!

  10. What a fun day! How nice for you to have a strong group of “boys” to escort you. 🙂

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