WIAW~I Have To Get In A Car…Again?!?!

Good Morning and Happy What I Ate Wednesday!  For any of you who don’t know what WIAW is…it’s a fun time cooked up by Jenn over at Peas & Crayons.  All of the really Fun kids (You can be one!) hang out over there, posting our fabulous foods for the week and oohing and aahing with comments about each other’s posts.  Join us…It’s Fun!!

Peas and Crayons

Fall is my favorite time of year and the time when Ralph and I head out for his Army Reunion.  This year we’re heading to Atlanta.  I’m excited because while at the Reunion we’ll get to see an old friend of mine from college who I haven’t seen in many years.  So excited about that.  Of course, last year after the Reunion we drove to New Mexico.  Wonder if I can do some razzle dazzle on Ralph and make him forget we’ve already BEEN there and that we NEED TO BE there?!?!  Probably not, but I can try! 😉

So on to the food!!

One of my 3 ingredient (well…4 this time) meals ready in 7 minutes.  Whole wheat pasta cooked up and at the same time a can of Ro-Tel tomatoes with green chillies cooked up with some crock pot black beans and topped with Romano cheese.  So good, filling and Quick!

Not much in the house because we’re heading out.  Lunch on Tuesday was a sliced apple and two rice cakes with Sunflower butter.  Very good, but I think the rice cakes were getting stale.  Didn’t matter, I only really wanted the Sunflower butter anyway!! 🙂

Dinner (again because there wasn’t much in the house) was a Morningstar Farms spicy black bean burger on a sandwich thin with American cheese and pickled jalapeno.  If you told me a few years ago that I would be half way through a jar of jalapeno in such a short time, I would have said you were crazy,but I just love these!  It was a fast and easy dinner.

One of my favorite drinks the last few days? Or maybe my Favorite…

Fresh hot coffee made with the addition of pumpkin pie spice in my wonderful Big Purple Mug…second cousin to my Big Purple Bowl…I think.  You put the coffee in the filter the regular way, then shake some PPS into the coffee.  Be sure to stir it in otherwise the spice forms a barrier and the water over flows.  Who Knew?   Nevertheless…its’ Delicious!  Try it!

So that’s WIAW for me this week.  I’ll be on the road when you read this.  Hopefully I can figure out a way to post it to Peas & Crayons from the road.

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!  Yes, we’re on the Road Again!!

14 responses to “WIAW~I Have To Get In A Car…Again?!?!

  1. i love that mug, fran – almost as much as the BPB!
    have a wonderful time at the reunion, and that is so cool that you get to meet up with a friend, too.
    i am thisclose to buying a jar of sunflower butter – i have never tried it!

  2. have a fun trip… even if you were just stuck in the car :p

    and goodness gracious by careful with coffee + laptops. my college roommate sat a mug on her laptop, dorm room shenanigans ended up taking place, and then every time she tried to type “k” she got “kjhggy.” I’m sure you’re more careful than college kids. I still had to share!

  3. I hope you have awonderful trip,Fran! 🙂
    Your mug is really pretty,by the way. I love pumpkin spice in my coffee as well,it adds a special flavor that’s simply unbeatable. 🙂

  4. Haha Fran, we had similar meals this week (not exactly in the type, but in that we were both trying to use up what was in the house before vacation!

    Have a great trip!

  5. I’ll definitely be trying the pumpkin pie spice in my coffee. Sounds delicious! And speaking of delicious—that burger looks yummy!

    Have a great trip!

  6. Have a safe trip! Looking forward to hearing about some of your travel eats

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