Oh, My…From The Road

I don’t know why I’ve given this post that title, but there you are!  I’m tired and barely holding my eyes open at this moment. 

We left New Jersey on Tuesday at about 3:15pm and drove until 2:00am.  We found ourselves in Boiling Springs, S.C.  We also found ourselves in a Denny’s.

This was a particularly tasty veggie and cheese omelette.  The veggies were especially good…I could taste each veggie.  We hadn’t eaten for a long time and we were both happy with our choices.

After checking in to a very nice Comfort Inn we had a good (though too short)night’s sleep.  We were on the road again at about 10:45am and drove about an hour before stopping for breakfast at a Cracker Barrel.  It seemed that every exit had one!

I had an unusual breakfast.

Very colorless, but pretty tasty.  Scrambled eggs, grits (Grits?  I’m eating Grits?!) The breakfast came with Sawmill (pepper)gravy and biscuits.  Well you probably know by now how I feel about biscuits…I LIVE for biscuits!  I had asked for some apple butter which hadn’t come yet when I took the photo.  I ate the scrambled eggs, then combined the gravy with the grits.  Pretty tasty.  Saved the biscuits for last, smothered them with apple butter and I was in Cracker Barrel Heaven!  There are few things that can’t be made even better with apple butter!

We got to Atlanta at exactly 3pm…check-in time!  We did that and then spent (wasted) some time trying to find something that was lost, then got all of our luggage to the room and unpacked.  By then it was dinner.

We decided on dinner in the hotel.  Their restaurant is called Palio.  I wasn’t sure what would be available.  I have to admit that I may order this every night that we’re here.

This was one of the most unique dishes I’ve ever had.  Soba noodles, brocolini, Portobello mushrooms that were grilled and edamame in a delicious chunky tomato sauce topped with shredded parmesan cheese.  It was just delicious and I’m serious when I say I will order it again while I’m here.

Now I’m starting to drag and I need to get to bed so that I can get up tomorrow and have more fun here at the reunion.  My next post will hopefully be a bit more focused after some more sleep!

Happy Thursday!

10 responses to “Oh, My…From The Road

  1. glad you’ve arrived in atlanta, fran! hope you had enjoyed some restful sleep!
    i have fond memories of cracker barrel restaurants from way back when i was nine and our family drove to and from florida. i think we cracker barrel’d our way down and back I-75!
    a town just outside waterloo is known for its apple butter – they even hold a festival every year. personally, i am not a fan of apple butter, but i know i am in the minority! glad you enjoyed your biscuit!

    • It’s funny how you see more CB’s in certain areas. Going cross country you see a lot, but on this trip it seemed there was one at every exit! I only really go for the biscuits! Jelly is nice too! I would love to come to the apple butter festival, that would be Heaven for me! I have so many ways I use it, I should do an entire post on Apple Butter! Have a great day, Cathy!!

  2. Glad you arrived and found good food! Hope you slept well, it’s so hard to be tired!

  3. Oh I love Denny’s breakfast. When I was travelling round the States, I would try and eat there once a week and really go all out. I miss it.

  4. Mmmm…biscuits and gravy!
    Since you’re in Atlanta, you should give Waffle House a try. It’s a Southern thing, and we actually kind of miss it because you have to drive down to Oklahoma from here before you see one. They’re good though.

    • Melonie, I’ve been to Waffle House in our travels. We passed a lot of then going cross country. I’ve been to really good ones and then some not so good. It’s like with any of these chain restaurants, I think…it depends on which one you go to.

  5. My first memories of Denny’s are eating breakfast there on the way to my Grandmother’s house. It was an ultra special occasion since my parents were usually so frugal. I always got pancakes.

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