I Wish I Was In the Land of Biscuits~Lessons From the South

I haven’t been to what I consider the “South” in a long time.  I’ve been in Southern states…Texas, Arizona, New Mexico of course…but “The South.” I think it’s something very different.

I think this post might be a bit rambling, but my head is so full of all the fun and friends from our weekend in Atlanta.  I have been to Atlanta several times because one of my best friends from college lives there.  We made plans to meet during our visit, but sadly those plans did not work out.  In truth, we didn’t do anything that was especially “Southern” while there.  But there is something about the people who we met while we were there.

I don’t mean our friends or new people we may have met at the Reunion.  They come from all over the country and are wonderful.  I’m talking about the people at the hotel.  We stayed at the Atlanta Airport Westin and the people there could not have been nicer.  They had charm and treated us all as if we were visitors in their home rather than their place of business.  It was a wonderful feeling.

Then of course there are the accents.  Years ago, I was involved in Glassboro Summer Theatre which was run by Glassboro State College which I attended.  I worked as House Manager one year and many other years as an usher.  I got to know the cast members well.  Many of them were from the South and I have to be honest I found it so easy after a few weeks to fall into the accents.  That was where I actually came to understand that each Southern region has its own accent.  Very soon I sounded a lot like my new Southern friends.

The same thing happened this weekend.  We have friends from Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi and Texas.  By the end of the weekend, I felt myself falling into the accents again.  Funny thing-with some of the accents, I have to be talking to the person for a while before I can understand what’s being said.  There are some Serious accents.  Sometimes I wish that sub-titles were available!

But there is one thing that is my favorite thing about the South.  Of course it’s food related.  That would be the biscuits!  There was a wonderful breakfast buffet offered at the hotel.  They gave our group a wonderful reduction in price and of course when you’re paying for a buffet, you can go back as much as you like.  When I got in line and my eyes were dazzled by all of those shiny sparkly serving containers and then I lifted one to find it filled with biscuits…Well, my heart just leapt up!  They were hot and fresh and it was all I could do to keep myself from rushing back to my table, grabbing my napkin, filling it and running to my room.  I love biscuits that much.

I controlled myself. However, Sunday, I did splurge and I chose a second one.  That compounded with the fact that they offered blackberry preserves was almost more than I could take. 

Over the years, I’ve fondly thought about all of the Southerners I’ve met and my visits to Atlanta.  The South is beautiful and the People are wonderful.

But, Me?  I really only come for the biscuits!  😉

Happy Tuesday!!

8 responses to “I Wish I Was In the Land of Biscuits~Lessons From the South

  1. that is just wonderful that you found such hospitality in atlanta, fran! i have never been (just in the airport as a layover, that does not count), but i know we experienced amazing customer service in charleston – people were SO nice and friendly. and i LOVE the southern accent – wish we had it up here! glad you have many positive associations with the south!
    biscuits – that is great that you enjoyed them! i always think of my g’ma c ans her tea biscuits whenever i hear “biscuits” – they were the best. we have the recipe but they are not QUITE the same as when g’ma made them (she always served them at dinner when we were over because she knew they were my favourite!).

  2. Happy Tuesday Fran. I’ve never been to the South but I love anything with cornmeal and that seems to be a staple there. Cornmeal biscuits (which I have made) heaven!!

  3. I love that you have a South-dedicated post today too! And OH YES, we do biscuits right 😉 If you are ready to ignore health stats, you’ve gotta got to Loveless Cafe when you’re in Nashville–They make biscuits like no other. (And they can–and do–deep-fry about 90% of their menu. Oh, the South!)

  4. Love this post Fran. I hope to get to the south one day.

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