WIAW~Happy Anniversary!

As I prepare to write my What I Ate Wednesday post, I realize that it’s going to look as though I’ve fallen off track.  To be honest, it sort of felt that way.  But I’m telling myself that it’s just one day and I will be on the (very) straight and narrow until next Saturday (after weigh in at WW) when I’ll be celebrating my birthday.  Besides, I HAVE to be good…I only have 7 Weekly Points left!!!

So welcome to the Happy Anniversary edition of WIAW sponsored as always by the lovely Jenn at Peas & Crayons!  I guess I have to hope that our theme is still Fall into Good Habits… 😉

Peas and Crayons

Ralph and I decided that we would go out to lunch for our anniversary.  What could be better than a restaurant where we had gift cards to use?! So we were off to Olive Garden.  A bit hokey, perhaps and not always my favorite food, but…the dessert always makes up for it!  😉

We probably shouldn’t have but we started with bruschetta which is one of my favorite things.  In fact, I think the next time I go, I’m ordering this and salad and that will be it!  The world’s largest piece of basil!!

The plate after we had already torn into it!

My first of several returns to the Bruschetta Altar…yum…

Next was the salad which as always was very tasty.  It still bothers me to pay for salad in restaurants because I know how inexpensively it can be made at home.  I enjoyed it regardless!

Portobello mushroom ravioli.  They were a little dry but still tasted pretty good.

Now for the real reason I go to Olive Garden…

The lemon creme cake!!!!!  I really can’t use enough exclamation points here!  This is so delicious and makes me smile every time I eat it.  Their coffee is good to and it was a nice finish to a nice meal.

So you may ask, how this fits in to Falling into Good Habits?  It fits in because I will as I said at the beginning, be very VERY good for the rest of the week.  My plan worked last week and I intend to stick with it.  I haven’t mentioned that I have been either walking or riding my stationary bike every day.  That really does help.  Rainy today so it was the bike for me! I believe That counts as a good habit!

So that’s WIAW for Anniversary Day and the beginning of Birthday Month!  Be sure to stop over at Peas & Crayons…look around and leave some comments.  We all love them!

Happy October!  Happy WIAW!!

30 responses to “WIAW~Happy Anniversary!

  1. I absolutely LOVE bruschetta. I could pretty much eat that for my meal and be happy 🙂

    Congratulations on your anniversary. And happy early birthday. I just celebrated mine this past weekend…

  2. Hey you only live once, right?
    Enjoying special days with fun and delicious food is AWESOME!
    Plus, your eats look delicious so at least your “cheat meal” was one to be remembered 🙂
    Happy Anniversary!

  3. When its your anniversary you have to be able to have a little fun. I think indulging a little bit can reinvigorate weight loss efforts as you want to eat healthier afterwards. Happy WIAW!

  4. what a fun outing to celebrate your anniversary, fran! it has got to be 20+ years since i’ve been to olive garden…it was the “hot spot” back in the early 90s! i am glad you are balancing celebrations with ww…for ‘falling into good habits,’ we NEED to include celebrations! special treats are a good habit! and happy birthday MONTH!!!

    • Thanks, Cathy! I do try to balance my good habits with celebrations. I have to be strict this week because this weekend is birthday and I know I’ll be indulging somewhat…at least in my yummy birthday cake that Ele is making for me!!

  5. Hey, you had to celebrate! And there is no shame in the Olive Garden. We don’t have one in Charlottesville, and we never went out to eat growing up, so I actually think I’ve only been in one once. However, since I would pretty much go to eat at Whole Foods every meal of my life (not that glamorous), I say…eat what you like. And a gift card? Obviously.

    I alsohate paying for salads, but I’m glad you enjoyed it. And I wish I could handle cream better (and that it wasn’t Vegan MoFo) because that cake looks out of this world!

  6. Too funny- I scrolled halfway down the page by accident and saw that picture of your salad and was like, “That looks like it’s from Olive Garden.” Yup. I was right. Amazing the stupid little things we remember…. Now I just gotta use that noggin for midterms! 🙂 Happy Anniversary.

  7. First, congrats on the anniversary 🙂 Second, I think this is a great way to celebrate, plus I have always loved Olive Garden, went there wayyyy too much as a child haha, so it holds a special place in my heart 😉

  8. Congratulations, and happy early birthday!!!
    I’m living in Toronto right now but every time I visit my family in Florida I make a point of going to OG with them – their bruschetta is to DIE for, I agree!!!

    • Hi Stephanie and Welcome! It’s funny how there are different restaurant choices in different areas. That’s one of the joys of traveling in my opinion. My husband and I travel by car cross country every year and we almost always take a different route. Amazing what you find! Please visit again!

  9. I had no idea they even made those cakes, I do love me some salad from OG!

  10. Aw, happy anniversary!
    Mhm, that cake looks good! What a great way to end a nice meal.

  11. You’ve GOTTA get dessert on your anniversary–That’s a health habit, as far as I’m concerned! And ugh, I have a hard time paying for salads (or regular pasta+sauce) at restaurants for the same reason–I can make the exact same thing for a fraction of the price! But ravioli and lemon cake? Those are worth the money ;D

  12. I agree with you about their desserts being spot on – yum! Happy anniversary!!!!

  13. Happy Anniversairy to you and Ralph!

    First time commenter here so I have to say I love the title of your blog. It is sooo true: Broken cookies don’t count either do nibble of cookie dough or cake batter when baking … or chocolate chips …

    I do think it’s a healthy habit not to worry about what you eat on a special day. We all do it way too often in everyday life and celebrations are to be enjoyed to the fullest.

  14. I love bruschetta…looks like a really yummy anniversary meal. Glad you enjoyed it!

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