Biting The Hand That Feeds You…

Or in my case…slicing the hand that feeds you.  This will be short because I have been a touch typist for so long…I can not successfully hunt and peck anymore…well I have a hard time shall we say.

I went to my friend Gail’s brothers house today and picked apples from his tree!  Forgot the rake I said I’d take to pull down the branches but still ended up with this gang…

They’re not that attractive, but they taste good…isn’t that what counts?!  I was cutting them up to cook in the crock pot as usual.  There were enough though to fill my big crock pot that I use for beans.  I was moving right along when Ralph came into the kitchen and said, “Be Careful!”  I was on the next to the last apple.  Thirty seconds later, I sliced off the tip of the little finger on my left hand.  Quite bloody .

I’m now forced to hunt and peck.  😦  It hurts but not that bad.  Trying to keep it elevated to make sure the bleeding stops…not easy when you’re typing!!

This was not what I wanted to talk about today.  I wanted to talk about a book I got at the library.

The Seventh Sinner by Elizabeth Peters.  This is actually the first in a series. I read the last two in the series years ago never knowing there were others.  This is obviously a well read copy.

This photo (I was actually trying to hide my finger!) doesn’t do justice to the condition of this book.  It reminds me of the small paperback books that my Mom used to read.  She had a secret stash of them that she read over and over again.  So many of them ended up looking like this poor worn copy.  I’m not criticizing the library in any way.  They’re getting the most out of a book and that of course is Ok by me.  It’s just bringing back memories.

I never would have realized that there were more books in this series if it hadn’t been for Goodreads.  If you love reading…you need to join Goodreads.  It’s a wonderful resource for people who read.  Give it a try and see what you’ll find!

I’m going to read my book now…with my hand elevated and smell the apples cooking!

Happy Friday!  Happy Day Before My Birthday! 🙂  🙂 🙂

8 responses to “Biting The Hand That Feeds You…

  1. ouch! your poor finger, fran!! i hope it does not hinder bday celebrating in any way!! (a very happy pre-birthday day to YOU!).
    i am debating joining goodreads and “the daily mile” (a running mileage tracking site) next year…yes, at least we know that worn copies of library books have been well-used! they’ve got “character,” right?!

    • Thanks, Cathy. I haven’t removed the original bandage yet. Looks pretty yucky from the outside. I won’t let it hamper any of the celebrating! I remember so many of those books with character that my Mom had…they were truly well read!!

  2. Ouch! Finger cuts are the worst. I hope yours heals soon. 🙂

  3. I always manage to injure myself right after people warn me not to, too 🙂 Mmm, reading to the smell of cooking apples?? Can I come over and join?

  4. Hope your finger feels better soon, ouchie! Have a great weekend Fran!

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