All Partied Out

For the moment at least!!  During this last week or so, I’ve been back in my routine of waking up WAY too early again.  Sometimes it’s 3am, sometimes 4am but it’s Early!  I think that sort of caught up with me on Monday.

I was up at 4am. I got up and did my usual morning things, working on the computer, doing my ride on the exercise bike.  I’m proud of myself because in spite of the fact that it’s been drizzling out so many mornings lately, I’ve been getting my exercise on the bike.  Most mornings I’ve been riding for 60 minutes.  It’s great because I do hand weights while I’m riding and of course I’m reading.  I never thought of myself as a multitasker, but I guess in this case I am!

It was cold, damp and dreary out when we finally headed out.  Ralph and I wanted to stop at Ele’s house to say good-bye to Jim who was heading back to Washington and to Little Michael whose Dad was picking him up.  We did that.  It’s always sad when everyone leaves again.

I was happy, though because my best friend Gail is finally back from her summer in Maine.  Felt like I hadn’t seen her in forever!  We hung out for a while, looking at photos of all the improvements she and her brother and our friend Alice had done on the cabin while they were there.  Then we went to run some errands and ended up with lunch at Taco Bell.  Everything is back to normal now!!  No photos because somehow I forgot my camera.

Since I have no other photos to share today I’ll give you my only sunrise photo for quite some time.  It’s funny, when we were in New Mexico, just about every morning had a spectacular sunrise.  This is the only one I’ve gotten since our return to New Jersey.

Usually the Fall has a lot of beautiful sunrises and sunsets, but I’ve been disappointed except for this one.

So that’s Monday…not exciting, but you can’t have a party every day!!!

Happy Tuesday!

10 responses to “All Partied Out

  1. well, i think we all continued the party up here for you, fran! in waterloo, it was thanksgiving plus oktoberfest – we even had a parade yesterday!
    sorry you were up early…but yes, you do get lots done with your time!
    glad you got to reconnect with gail! and that is a beautiful sunrise…thanks for the photo!
    any parties today?! i know tomorrow you celebrate again! yippee!

    • Thanks, for celebrating for me up in Waterloo, Cathy! Wow a parade! Actually there was one here on my birthday. The neighboring town, Woodbury has a Fall Festival Parade every year. But it’s almost always the night we’re celebrating so we never get there! Sounds like you had a lovely time. How exciting! No parties today but we’re going to a Shriner’s benefit tonight. No IDEA what to expect!

  2. I chuckled just reading your title! All good things must come to an end. So glad you had a LOOOOONG b-day holiday. Beautiful sunset!!

  3. Saying goodbye is such a hard thing to do, really. I’m glad having your best friend back remedied it a little.

    That’s a nice sunrise photo! When I was little my dad used to tell me pink clouds meant the angels where baking. So look, seems like the angels had a lot of fun baking that day, right?

  4. I’m not a fan of early mornings myself, even though I used to be more of a morning person years ago. Normal is good though – nice that your friend is back and you guys can hang out – that kind of stuff is priceless.

    • Hi Alyce! I’m starting to like the early morning. Quiet, my husband isn’t up yet, I can do just what I want or need to do. So Glad my friend is back. Even though we talked almost every day, it’s not the same.

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