WIAW~Between Parties

When you’re having a Birthday Month, there are times when you’re between parties.  Not so exciting for What I Ate Wednesday, but I’m sure that there will be lots of people over at Peas & Crayons with Jenn who’ll be showing lots of exciting food.  For me this week, it’s kind of plain and simple.

But regardless, It’s a Party!

Peas and Crayons

No real snacks included and I’m not into Halloween yet, so what you see is what you get!

As I’ve said before, being the person who brings the Big Salad to a dinner means I get to go home with the left overs!  Love it when there’s a big bowl of salad to be had at any time.  Fills me up and keeps me on track!

Pineapple Greek Yogurt with Fiber One.  Such a good breakfast and one of my favorites!

I’m continuing my quest to put EVERYTHING over sweet potatoes!  Microwave 2 sweet potatoes for 8 minutes and they are just perfect.   I sautéed onion, garlic and yellow squash in veggie broth, then added something I will never eat again. I found lost in my freezer a partial bag of Morningstar Farms “beef” strips.  They don’t make them anymore so this was a little sad.  I then added a half cup of cottage cheese.   Added some various spices (I’m always SO specific with my recipes!!) and that’s it.  It was very tasty and just what I needed since it’s been so cold out.

Another breakfast…

Simple as can be…pomegranate kefir and Fiber One.  Guess I really like my Fiber One…huh?!

None of this sounds very exciting I realize but for me it’s great.  I feel that I am on track and making good choices.  After feeling out of control for a while…this is a much better way to be!  Besides…there are still more celebrations to be had throughout the rest of the month!

Be sure to stop over at Peas & Crayons…look around and leave some comments.  It really makes us all smile! 🙂

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!

27 responses to “WIAW~Between Parties

  1. When you said you’d ‘never eat it again’ I at first thought it was because it was so awful. 🙂 I hate when products are discontinued. I still lament Vanilla Cranberry Archer Farms Peanut Butter. I’ve NEVER been able to recreate it adequately…

    And I love Fiber One. Papa Smart buys it so whenever I go home I mooch a Ziploc of it to take home!

    • Hey, Sarah! No, it was great…good protein, good texture and flavor. It was even tasty just defrosted and tossed into a salad. They still make a chicken version that’s good, but I liked the beef best. Love my Fiber One! I actually get this at Aldi, it’s their version…delicous and SO much less expensive!

  2. Happy Birthday Month. Glad you found your track and are back on it, so to speak.

  3. enjoy TODAY’S celebrating, fran!! glad you’re feeling good about where you’re at!

  4. I know what you mean about sweet potatoes. They are just so good that they literally GO WITH EVERYTHING! 🙂 Well.. at least so far I haven’t come across a combo that I didn’t like. Hope you get some excitment and/or parties soon. I love parties!

  5. Happy WIAW! I love sweet potatoes too. Your recipe sounds good! Keep up the good work. 🙂

  6. Being back in control is such a freeing feeling. It is hard work to get back to health but it is definitely worth it.
    Happy Birthday Month!

  7. Oh man, everything IS better when it’s on top of a sweet potato 🙂 Glad you’re feeling better and on track!

  8. I’ve been putting lots of things over sweet potatoes lately too, can’t get enough! Happy Birthday month!

  9. I’ve never tried pineapple Greek yogurt but it sounds really good! I like Fiber One, too. We sadly dont have it here in Germany though!

  10. I’ve never tried pineapple Greek yogurt before but it sounds really good. I love Fiber One cereal. I know some people say it tastes bad or too boring, but I’m actually a fan! 🙂

    • I like pineapple anything, Shannon! I love Fiber One! It’s so good in so many things and it’s low in Points for me on WW! I think they have Aldi in Germany, don’t they? Aldi has their own version. Much less expensive and tastes just as good!

  11. Yum, I love pineapple yogurt.
    Happy birthday month!!! 😀 Its mine too…tomorrow!

  12. caloricandcrazy

    Love the sweet potato mix! Sweet potatoes are the most amazing veg, ever!

  13. Fiber One rocks! I also like Grape Nuts. Talk about boring! 🙂

  14. sweet potatoes are my favorite autumn treat 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Happy WIAW!

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