Party of the Week!

Maybe there will be more this week…at this point I don’t know, but today’s party was a great addition to Birthday Month!

Ralph and I met everyone at Adelphia Restaurant in Deptford.  This party was a twofer…we were celebrating my birthday and my sister-in-law Maddie’s birthday (October 13) So of course we both got to look like prom queens!

We both got beautiful pink roses!

Of course there were balloons…after all it is a party! 😉

Maddie and Aunt Marie!  The beautiful blue eyes run in the family!

Maddie and her husband George.

Ralph and Me!


Excellent, Huge Greek Salad, my favorite choice here.

Birthday Cake!  In my favorite colors…purple and green! Happy Accident!

I’m so lucky to have married into such a wonderful family!

Everything’s a piece of cake!

We had a really lovely afternoon.  It’s always a lot of fun when we all get together.  Not known for allowing a chance to party get away from us, we planned two more get togethers.  So we’re set until the end of the year!

This has been an excellent Birthday Month so far.  I wonder what will come up next? 😉

Happy Thursday!

12 responses to “Party of the Week!

  1. god i haven’t had a huge piece of birthday cake like that in forever. i need to get on asap!

  2. fabulous photos, fran! i esp like the one of you and maddie with your roses – your smiles are just wonderful! happy bday to maddie on the 13th!
    yes, let’s see what you can come up with to continue bday month…well, you can just be the boss of what to do and where to go (with everyone) just BECAUSE it’s your bday month! have a great day!

  3. Is that beet on top of your salad? If so, awesome. Now I want a spiralizer even more. And I love all your family celebrations, you guys know how to have a good time together!

  4. A whole month of birthday celebrations sounds good! Glad you had such a nice time!!

  5. Happy Birthday Fran! What a wonderful celebration you had with the family! Thanks so much for sharing it with us x

  6. I’m late to your birthday party. Happy Birthday Fran!!

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