Sunday In And Out

I believe I could actually say that I slept in on Sunday.  Didn’t wake up until 5:45 and didn’t get up until 6:15!  That’s pretty good considering the past week!

I was working on the computer and cleaning up a few things on the blog.  I need to do more and hope to in the next week or to.  Need to put that on my list.  Yes, since getting my new 18 month planner that has a page for lists…I’m actually doing it!  Amazing how you remember to do things when you’ve written them down! 😉

I haven’t talked much about exercise lately, but I have been working on my exercise bike, yesterday doing 60 minutes!  I get to read so it’s actually like a treat.  Since the weather is promising to be good this week, I’m going to try to get out for walks in the morning.  It won’t happen on Monday because Ralph has an appointment this morning so we’ll be heading out to that fairly early.

As planned and promised, some sorting/packing has happened every day.  Sunday’s efforts resulted in this…

Two boxes packed, with newspapers on top to pack some more!  Please pay no attention to the fact that the floor needs to be vacuumed.  That’s on the list too!

So excited…

I was presented with and happily accepted a Big bag of apples and pears from my friend Gail’s brother’s tree.  He picked them for me so I didn’t have to! What a guy!  As I said before, they don’t look pretty but they taste just fine!  Since I just did a crock pot full on Saturday night, I’m going to cook these up (hope they all fit in the crock pot…otherwise I may have to open the new bigger one that I have!) and freeze them.  I’ve never tried to do that before, but what the heck.  They’re mushy when they come out of the crock pot, so freezing shouldn’t change them very much.  I can’t pass up…or Waste…free apples!  That’s my project when we get back from Ralph’s appointment today.

The Fall is finally starting to show up.  I haven’t really taken many photos yet, but thought I’d share the few I have taken.

My neighbor’s trees actually taken from a block away at Ele’s house.  Thank you zoom…of course it will be better when I get a better camera. I promise to stop talking about that now!

My favorite tree…

It’s in my back yard and unfortunately, over the years some of the branches have died and don’t have leaves any more, but it’s still my favorite.   I’m going to concentrate on getting some more photos…well…because I like taking Autumn photos!  Ok?!

Monday is shaping up to be busy so I’d better get to it. I’ve got boxes to pack and lists to make…oh, yeah…photos to take!

Happy Monday!!

12 responses to “Sunday In And Out

  1. Yes the fall colors are finally here! So pretty and we have such nice weather for this week. Happy Monday to you too Fran!

  2. always love reading your blogs!!

  3. those are beautiful trees, fran! i would say our colours are past their prime…the shades are more faded. i still admire them, though! so pretty!
    have a GREAT and PRODUCTIVE monday!! glad you are making good use of lists in your new planner – you really are getting a lot done! and reading and biking -> a perfect combination!

  4. I’ve frozen cooked apples before–it actually worked really well! And fall is so pretty, it’s hard not to take pictures of everything.

    • Good, Allie…I’m glad you have experience doing that with apples. I think it would work. Can’t pass up free materials, especially when they’re so delicious!! Gotta get out and get some more pictures…everything is beautiful here!

  5. Happy Monday! I’ve been noticing all the multicolor trees..they’re so cool (you’ll definitely see some over on my blog, too…)

    • Zo, I just love to take fall photos! I haven’t done as many as I should have. I was ready 2 weeks ago but the trees weren’t…now, I keep forgetting or don’t have time to stop. I need to do it while they’re still here!!

  6. I love fall photos. Keep ’em coming Fran!!

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