Who Does That?!

Who actually goes out for lunch for someone’s birthday and takes No photos of people, not even the Birthday Girl?!  Well…someone who has been forgetting to take photos of food for the last week and a half.  At least I remembered the food!!

Ralph and I met up with his sisters and cousins on Wednesday to celebrate his sister Kathy’s birthday!  If you’ve been readers for a while, you’ve seen all of their happy smiling faces before.  Not that they’re not lovely enough to be shown again…I Just Forgot! And of course we were at Adelphia Restaurant in Deptford.  That’s where we Always meet!

I decided to order very much out of character at this lunch.  Since I wasn’t getting my usual salad and Ralph’s Aunt Marie was getting one with her lunch that she didn’t want…I was elected to eat it.

A good-sized salad with balsamic vinaigrette which they gave to me on the side even though I forgot to ask. Excellent.  It was just enough to keep me from eating any of the bread that’s hiding in the basket at the top of the photo.  I’m proud of myself for that.

What I ordered was very different since I’m usually a salad eater at this restaurant.

It was called a specialty vegetarian panini.  It came on a very crispy and delicious roll.  Inside was a Huge piece of mozzarella, roasted red pepper, onion, tomato, lettuce and a balsamic dressing.  It was just delicious!  I will keep this on my list for future visits here and as we know…There Will be future visits!  I must confess I did eat some of the fries, but not all and didn’t eat the cole slaw.  It just didn’t look good.  Why eat it if it’s not going to taste good!

Of course there was cake!

Most of these photos have weird lighting because I was sitting with a huge window behind me.  Very pretty cake, brown and pink.

Somehow, I rated a piece with the Huge pink flower.  Almost too pretty to eat, but guess what…I ate it anyway!

I’m not sure what this lunch will do to my week in general with regards to my Weight Watchers results on Saturday, but, hey, I enjoyed it and that’s what counts.

From the time we left the house to go to the restaurant, Ralph and I had been commenting on what a beautiful day it was.  When we got home, I needed to catch a bit of the beauty of the day.

A tree that still has some color to it and a perfect blue sky.  Almost a New Mexico sky.  I could take lots more days like this.

Happy Thursday!

Adelphia on Urbanspoon

14 responses to “Who Does That?!

  1. ah!! that sunny photo is just beautiful! we were blessed with sunshine up here, yesterday – and again, today!! – too!
    what a fun lunch out…both the food and the chitchat sound marvelous. that cake reminds of the bakery ones we would get for bday celebrations when we were little – and i always asked for a rose piece!
    have a great day, fran!

  2. I think it’s good to sometimes enjoy and forget about taking pictures! Gorgeous pic of the tree too.

  3. I do, all the time! Some days I am great about capturing moments, others, not so much. Like at Lila’s birthday party, not one picture of me, and I actually put on makeup and did my hair!!! That is really a big deal and I didn’t even capture it on film.

  4. The mozzarella in that sandwich is beautiful! Definitely a restaurant worth returning to if they’re that generous with it.

  5. That tree is beautiful Fran!!

  6. Hahaha Fran I’m totally guilty of having a million pictures of food and NOTHING of anyone else! 😉

  7. I forgot my camera at a concert my kids were playing in recently. Now that made me feel bad!

    I love that blue, blue sky. I’m sad its almost winter!

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