Every Day is NOT a Party~Thinking Ahead

I loved being a Weight Watchers Leader.  I really hated when I had to stop doing my meetings.  It was all due to getting up at 3:50am, driving 25 miles to work, working until 4pm then driving 25 miles back home again.  With that schedule, it was difficult to be out 4 night s a week as well.  I did it for 7 months but then a scary incident where I started to fall asleep on the drive home told me that I had to stop.

Although I don’t get paid by Weight Watchers any longer to talk about Weight Watchers…I still get to do it here! 🙂  I get to share and talk about what I think are good ideas to help if you are on WW or just good tips in general for a healthy lifestyle.

During the Holiday season, and I guess I do have to surrender to the fact that this is the Holiday season since Thursday is Thanksgiving, at WW meetings everyone is buzzing about what to do regarding food over the Holidays, how to stay on program…in general, How To Survive!

At some point in my Weight Watchers experience I came up with this idea.  We agonize over what we’ll eat, what we have to miss out on…How Will We Deal with all of this food?

It’s a simple tip, it doesn’t cost you anything (presuming that you have a calendar and a pen) and it helps to put the Holiday foods issues into perspective.

Just take out your calendar and your pen…I like red because…hello…it stands out!



I start by highlighting the obvious Holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve.  Then as they appear, I add in any “eating occasions” that come up.  In November, I had Ralph’s Family Lunch, in December I have Ralph’s Family Dinner.   I keep adding as they come along…I HOPE someone will want to feed me again between now and the end of the year! 😉  I also indicate the days after Thanksgiving because we all know they can be tricky.

The key is this…I know that on the days I highlight, I will be eating.  I will very likely be eating outside of my usual routine.  I know this in advance, I can judge what I might eat ( I know what is offered at the restaurant where we usually have the family gatherings, I know what will be offered on Thanksgiving) and plan accordingly.

My job, especially on the weeks with one or heaven forbid two eating out occasions, is to do my very best to be very accurate on Program.  Approach each day as a test to myself to be the very best Weight Watchers example that I can be. Make good food choices. Write everything down.  Drink all my water.  Try to save my Weekly Allowance Points for the challenging day.  Get in as much exercise as I can.  I can earn points that way and although I don’t think I’ve ever used activity Points for food, just doing the exercise is a positive thing and if I really needed the extra points, they would be there!

See, it’s simple.  Even if you’re not working the Weight Watchers Program it’s a good idea (she says patting herself on the back! 😉  ) It helps you put your eating into perspective.  If you know you have flexibility on that Holiday or other eating occasion, you are in control, not the food.

I am now going to shamelessly steal from my wonderful Weight Watchers Leader, MaryLou.  This is the statement that I first heard from her years ago and I still try to live by it…”View Every Challenge As An Opportunity To Succeed!!”  She has helped me in innumerable ways during the 25 plus years I’ve known her.  This is what has always stuck with me and I appreciate it so much.  I wanted to share it with all of you.

So…everyone get out your calendar and pen and start making the choice to be Successful!

Happy Tuesday!



16 responses to “Every Day is NOT a Party~Thinking Ahead

  1. You are so right! Great idea about the red pen! I hope to see you Sunday! I miss you guys!

  2. fran, thanks for sharing your holiday and ww tips!! and i love marylou’s motto – we can apply that expression to so many areas of life!
    i agree that preparation is key – we do so much better when we can plan ahead rather than being surprised!
    i can see why you had to give up being a ww leader – that was a pretty intense schedule!
    happy almost-thanksgiving!

  3. Well, that’s pretty darn genius! Because I’m all about enjoying holidays and family time with NO (well, as few as possible) rules and limitations that get in the way of enjoying food and the people serving and eating it with you–but then you do have to find that balance! Knowing when you’ll splurge and when you better stay on track–yup, I like it.

  4. Brilliant advice Fran. Thank you!!!

  5. That is my motto! I follow the plan to a T the days before and after a holiday. That way if I have an extra glass of wine or whatever it is I choose I have more than enough weekly points to cover it.
    This year I have two Christmas dinners in two days and yes I have already planned how I will deal with them 🙂

  6. I think you have a great approach to how to deal with holiday eating. Last year, I decided to do things like eat 5 huge cookies after lunch and then of course wanted dessert after dinner…and everything was tight when January came. It took me a while to get to a good place, so I’m also acknowledging that I’ll eat on certain days, and am planning on keeping up with my exercise and telling myself that I can enjoy 1 or 2 cookies for dessert.

  7. That’s definitely a good way to be more mindful!

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