Getting Back To Normal

It seems so easy to allow a Holiday like Thanksgiving to hang over for the next few days, sometimes the entire weekend.  For many years prior to joining Weight Watchers, I allowed that to happen.  Sometimes it continued into the next week or even several.

I don’t allow that to happen to me anymore.  Friday was a good day, under control and no sign of lingering excess flexibility.  That is part of what I talked about last Tuesday when I talked about enjoying on the Holiday but then getting right back on track.  I think I’ve done that at least so far.  Friday I went to the movies to see Lincoln.  It was incredible and I need to talk about it after I’ve digested it a bit. The key is that I ate Nothing at the movie.  The smell of popcorn as we walked into the theatre almost got the better of me, but I just talked to myself in my head and made my way through it and let nothing get in my way.

I’ll be curious to see what the scale holds for me when I get to Weight Watchers this morning.  I’m really not sure, but I do know that I’ll be right back on program after the meeting and doing what I should be doing.  I really do feel very much in control at the moment.  What a nice feeling!

Friday morning when the sun came up there was a fog which led to some interesting pictures.

Kind of spooky, but pretty.

Happy Saturday!!  Wish me luck!!

10 responses to “Getting Back To Normal

  1. good luck, fran!
    great pics – we had fog earlier this week, too…but this morning there is snow accumulation – yikes! not a fan.
    i’ll look forward to your movie recap…glad you had a good friday!

  2. Yes being in control definitely feels good! Not letting good habits slip away is the key.
    We also had a lot of fog this week but now we have snow.

  3. Funny enough, the smell of popcorn is kind of what makes me NOT want to go to the movies. Although I am an anomaly as everyone else I know loves it!

    • Ameena, I do find it a little overpowering most times. Didn’t do it this time, but I’ll often pop a bag at home, put it in a zip lock bag and stuff it in my bag. Much healthier and I know how to count it it if I want it! Not what the theatres would like, but better for my self control!!

  4. That is spooky and pretty! It was not foggy here at all! Hope the scale treated you kindly at WW.

  5. Getting back on track is sometimes the hardest to do, but also the most rewarding. I try to eat before going to the movies so I’m not hungry or I try to remind myself the movie theater food isn’t really food. The butter, once my favorite, is nothing but a mess of chemicals and artificial flavors. If I really want popcorn, I’ll make a small batch at home to satisfy my craving. These things help me, but I suspect you could teach me a thing I’d two.

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