Odds, Ends, Sunrises, Sunsets

Friday I had the pleasure of seeing the new film, Lincoln.  I have always thought that Daniel Day-Lewis is an incredible actor.  In this, he did not disappoint me.  At some point during the movie I realized that I had forgotten he was an actor and believed I was watching Lincoln on the screen.  That may sound hokey, but that was my reaction.  The atmosphere of the film was amazing; the sets and costumes made me feel I was there in 1865. 

I did not realize that the film focused on the debate in the House of Representatives to approve or disapprove the 13 amendment (abolition of slavery) which had already been passed by the Senate.  I did not know much about this part of American history and I was fascinated.  There were many incredible performances.  I think it’s the kind of movie I’ll need to see again to catch all of the nuances. I’m not sure how historically accurate it is, but now it will encourage me to find out for myself.  I recommend it highly.

Saturday found me getting a very nice surprise at Weight Watchers.  I was confident that I had done my best this week, kept my control on Thanksgiving and thought I would probably stay the same.  The scale said otherwise.  I lost three-quarters of a pound!  As you might expect, I was quote pleasantly surprised!  🙂  My strategy worked and I’m going to keep following it throughout the Holiday season!  I can handle this!! 😉

You all know by now that I love to take photos of sunrises and sunsets.  I love how different they can be day-to-day.

Sunset Friday night-

Sunrise Saturday morning-

Sunday morning-

Sunrises and sunsets fascinate me also in their ability to change from one moment to the next.  I’ll go outside, take a photo, then come in and sit down, then glance out the window and it’s different again in a few seconds.  I could take a million photos.  Some days, that’s what it feels like!  How can you have a bad day when you see beauty like this first thing in the morning?! 

Happy Sunday!!

16 responses to “Odds, Ends, Sunrises, Sunsets

  1. fran, your comment about sunrises and sunsets gives me an idea! wouldn’t it be fun to do a series of 60 photos, taken one every minute, to see the progression?! that could be an art project!
    congrats on your ww success! you are on the right track!
    i love when you can get totally engrossed in a film – so glad you enjoyed lincoln and esp daniel day-lewis’ acting!
    have a great day!

  2. Gorgeous pictures!

    I think I would enjoy that movie, especially after reading how much you liked it. 🙂

    Congrats on your weight loss! Have a happy Sunday.

  3. Lincoln is on my “movies to see” list. Today we may get out to see Argo (we wanted to go weeks ago, but it got lost in the Sandy preparation shuffle).
    Glad to hear your thanksgiving week went well! I definitely went in for a day of eating, but have been on track since then.

  4. Congratulations on your weigh loss. Thanksgiving week no less, very impressive. I want to see this movie simply because I love Daniel Day Lewis. Glad to hear such a favorable review.

  5. Seriously, it’s a great way to start the day! Congrats on the weigh-in too!

  6. Wow, I think I like those grey stormy sunrises best, they’re stunning! Lincoln sounds really interesting; I don’t know much American history and that’s proper acting talent to make you think that…
    Congrats on the WW; to do that over Thanksgiving is brilliant!

    • Thanks, Eleanor…I like the grey sunrise too. I was so excited to catch it. If you have a chance to see the movie, it would be worth your time. I’m pretty happy about WW. I always try to do well throughout the Holidays. This is a positive start!

  7. The sunrise and sunset pictures are beautiful! Have a great week. 🙂

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