Impromptu Success

Sometimes, I have no idea what to cook.  I’m actually very lazy when it comes to cooking, unless I’m in one of my cooking spurts but I like things that aren’t a lot of trouble.

I knew that I had left over quinoa in the fridge and needed something easy to go along with it.

You may recall way back in the early days of BCDC I did a post lamenting old beans.  Can’t find that particular post at the moment, but I’ll do a quick recap.  Going through my pantry cabinet (which I’m still doing over a year later!) I had found a plastic container with navy beans.  I didn’t know if there was a use by date related to dried beans so I just soaked them and plopped them in the crock pot.  Well, they cooked and cooked and cooked.  They never reached what I would consider a cooked consistency.  However, being the renowned cheapo that I am, I used them in various things.

Well this time, we’re talking lentils.  A similar plastic container (which are the same vintage as the aforementioned navy beans) were unearthed recently.  I had been thinking about cooking lentils in the crock pot and figured that Sunday was as good a day as any to give them a try. Besides, I had an hour to kill before Ele and I had to go out, I figured I’d throw them together.  I opened the container and they smelled fine.

I chopped a medium onion, added 2 Tbsp. of pre-chopped garlic, 1 and 1/2 cups of lentils and 3 and 3/4 cups of water.  I also added some of this…

It’s a Mrs. Dash-ish seasoning I got at Aldi.  It is Wonderful! It’s way less expensive than Mrs. Dash (I still love you, Mrs. D. but half the price is half the price!) and it’s a bit zippier.  I should probably read the label, but I think it must have something peppery in it.  Anyway, I shook it in liberally.


After…They cooked for about 6 hours all together.  I started them on high, but since I had to go out and I’d never tried this before (and the old crock was pretty full!) I turned it to low for about 3 hours hoping to avoid a disaster.  Probably would have been better to be on high the entire time. I’m so glad that this small crock pot has a temperature control.  Some don’t.  Pretty good for $5 at a thrift store!  I do think the lentils may have been a little old because they were not as tender as I would have liked but, Hey anything that’s been in the cupboard as long as these I sort of consider free!

I microwaved my left over quinoa and-

Topped with some Locatelli cheese and I was happy!  It was actually juicier than it looks and it was delicious! Some foods don’t photograph well and sad to say this is one, but it was delicious.  I have lentils for another few days and I already know what I’m making for dinner tonight.  It’ll be another quick dinner!

With a little thinking ahead and very little actual effort, I had a great dinner last night and the basis for several others.  Can’t wait to see what I come up with!

Before I leave you, a couple of pretty skies from over the weekend.

This is from Thanksgiving Day.

This is Saturday morning.  We’ve got to appreciate the blue skies when we have them!

Happy Monday!

12 responses to “Impromptu Success

  1. That looks really good! I like working with lentils because they cook so much faster than big beans!

  2. fran, i thought of you this morning because i caught the most beautiful pink-toned sunrise – seriously, i thought, “this is worthy of a fran-photo!”
    i am glad to hear that cooking is not really a passion of yours – i am in the same boat, well, actually, i really REALLY dislike cooking! glad you had success with your lentils! i wish i could go to your aldi – i love grocery shopping in the states!

  3. Haha, I am a total cheapo too when it comes to food in the kitchen and try and use everything! I love cooking beans in the crockpot, the only problem is my husband thinks I always undercook them, no I just don’t like to turn them into mush. I have a big ol’ bag of quinoa that I got at Costco and should put it to use asap, (especially after all the heavy eating).

  4. Haha, so glad I’m not the only one who considers old/forgotten food found in the cabinet as “free!” Same goes for some of those long-term freezer-lurkers.

    • Oh, Lordy, Allie! I’ve been trying to get that cleaned out for months! I did find a bag of frozen blackberries in there that I’m excited to use. Found a little turkey roast for Ralph and a Quorn “turkey” roast for me. Of course, my luck, they have completely different cooking instructions. I’ll figure it out though. And yes…they’re free!!

  5. I love lentils but have never been brave enough to make them – which is silly, since I hear it’s easy 🙂

  6. I love lentils too…I used to add them to pasta sauces to “meat” them up a bit. I’m so lazy about cooking. I enjoy it, but I often end up just heating things up (in the microwave…)

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