Note To Self~

I’m a basically intelligent person.  I can see what’s going on around me and I can usually figure out a way to make most things work.

It seems however that lately, if I’m not paying close attention, I can really screw up!

This morning, Ralph was up when I didn’t expect he would be.  I had allowed him plenty of time to do his breakfast routine before I decided to have mine.  I knew what my breakfast would be.  I had diligently prepared my OOIAJ (overnight oats in a jar) last night.  I was looking forward to it since I got up at 5am.  I’m not really interested in breakfast at that time which I probably should change after today.

I like my OOIAJ warmed.  I know it’s not how it was intended to be eaten, but that’s how I like it.  I give it a minute and 30 seconds which is usually perfect.  I put it in the microwave.

Ralph and I were milling about the kitchen chatting about various things.  I suddenly realized there was an out of the ordinary sound coming from the microwave.  I leaned down to look inside and saw sparks!  Without mentioning it to Ralph, I quickly turned it off. 

Note to self:  Be sure to remove ALL of the metallic inner seal from the peanut butter jar Before you put it in the microwave.

Here is the proof-

Notice the little black crusty places around the edge?  The one on the right is actually plastic that burned away.  Thank goodness I realized this was happening.

The good news is…the OOIAJ tasted delicious!  It’s always very satisfying.  I think it’s the protein in the peanut butter that does that.  Perhaps I should add it to oatmeal when it’s not in the jar. 

At least I have enough sense NOT to use dishes in the microwave with any kind of metal on it!

Back to work on my sorting and packing!!

Happy Friday! Don’t set anything on fire!


14 responses to “Note To Self~

  1. i will keep my eye on my micro today, fran!! glad you could still eat your bfast!
    i like pb in oatmeal but have never tried OOIAJ…there are certainly enough variations in the blogworld from which to choose!
    have a great friday – last day of november!!

    • Oh, my gosh, Cathy, you’re right…last day of November! I really like the OOIAJ, but as I say I like mine warmed…I think most people eat it cold. It’s Ok that way, but warmed up is so much nicer! Have a great day, Cathy!

  2. how cute are you! My sister the blonde! Mom used to forget and cover her dish with tin foil! Gotta love the family resemblence. Usually, I just put too much in the bowl and it bubbles all over and I have to clean the darn thing!

    • It took me a LONG time to figure out the right timing for oatmeal in the micro…many cleanups later, I think I have it figured out!! I put a hot sandwich for Ralph from WaWa in there one time. They use that foil lined paper….DUH!!!!

  3. I love that you said “without telling Ralph.” hahaha. glad they were still delicious, and that nothing serious happened! I almost blew up a poptart once when I was little because I thought the directions said 3 minutes and they said 3 seconds. honestly. what good is 3 seconds?

    happy friday!

  4. I accidentally set our microwave for 30 minutes instead of 3 when popping popcorn 20 years ago. I went into the backyard and when I came back inside the whole house was covered with smoke.

    On a side note, if that peanut butter container is plastic I wouldn’t microwave it. There have been studies showing that plastic containers release chemicals into the food when heated unless they are designed for the microwave.

    • Thanks, Diane! When I was telling my best friend (who’s a nurse) the story yesterday she told me the same thing. Guess I’ll have to scrape out the peanut butter to do it from now on. That would be SO scary to have your house filled with smoke! Good thing you were ok!! Have a great weekend!

  5. Hahaha I’ve done the SAME thing before, Fran!!! It happens! (It’s super scary though!!)

  6. Oh my, glad you caught that! When I first started reading, I thought you were going to say Ralph ate your OIAJ (since he got up early). That might have been worse 😉

  7. I’m always confused about the metal in the microwave issue. Apparently you shouldn’t put metal in there… but if you’re heating a drink, you’re meant to put a metal spoon in the cup. We even have a sticker on our microwave demonstrating it. Weird!
    Have a great weekend Fran! 🙂
    Oh and by the way, I’ve finally got round to posting my Rainbow Chili recipe. Here’s the direct link: xx

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