Note To Self~ #2

I’m beginning to think that Note To Self needs to be a regular feature of Broken Cookies Don’t Count.  You’d think that as a grown up person, I wouldn’t have to be learning all of these lessons this late in the game. Well, unfortunately that is not the case.

Sunday did not turn into the project fest I had hoped for.  We did get a little Christmas shopping done which was a good thing, though not my intention for the day. 

It was a mostly sunny day outside so a ride was nice, but I do not like shopping Anywhere in the middle of the day.  I’m an early morning shopper.  When I was still working, I would hit the stores around dinner time…far fewer shoppers then.  So just too many people in the Target and in the parking lot.

When we had finished our excursion, Ralph suggested Chinese food so Ele and I said Yes.

Lunch was lovely and I’m saving those photos for What I Ate Wednesday.  Sadly, there is one photo that won’t be making it to What I Ate Wednesday and that is the reason for today’s Note to Self.

Do NOT delete photos from your camera when you’re in a conversation and distracted by what’s going on around you!!! There was a great shot of one of my dinners from last week that I wanted to use for WIAW.  You know how I’m always bemoaning the fact that my food all looks alike, not very colorful.  This was a good one.  I was trying to delete ones I had already used, but wasn’t paying close enough attention so…Bye, Bye dinner photo. 😦

So even though Sunday wasn’t my favorite day, lunch was delicious and I did get to see the Good Wife without falling asleep and I can share a photo (not mine) that just cracks me up.

Black Kitty in top hat.

I’m thinking of getting into Steam Punk and I think this is a good place to start!

Note to Self~ Get a Top Hat…

Happy Monday!!


16 responses to “Note To Self~ #2

  1. fran, it is too funny that you use the expression NOTE TO SELF today as i seriously used those exact words yesterday – i sent an email to myself at theOTHERstore so that i remember to do something today…anyway, lists and notes are all good things for people like us!
    sorry you did not get to sunday’s projects as planned, but i think you had a fun day, nonetheless! sorry about the deleted photo – of course, it had to be one that you really wanted to use, not just an extra photo!
    have a great monday – onwards with the christmas prep, right?! i got maybe 1/3 of my cards done yesterday??!

    • You are doing a great job with your prep, Cathy! Excellent! I used to call myself on my home phone and leave a message to remind myself of something. That was before e-mail. After Ralph was around, that didn’t work, because he would answer the phone! Ruined my perfect plan! Guess I’d rather have him, though! 😉 Have a great day!

  2. I think that you would look maaarvelous in a top hat! That kitty so reminds me of Midnight. That’s why I knew he was for you!

  3. Oh my gosh Fran I can totally relate. Every time I finally learn a lesson I think “I can’t believe it has taken me this long”. Approaching 40 I think “It’s taken me 40 years?!?!?!” Better late than never I guess huh?

  4. I try to shop as early in the day as possible for just the same reason. I am NOT a fan of crowds, and if lines get too long, I’ll just leave–even if I really needed the item I went in to buy. And hey, if we learned all our lessons early, what would be the point of the rest of our time hanging around here?

  5. I’m always making “notes to self.” My husband actually has a notebook he uses to make notes of things he wants to do differently for work, school, and even home projects. He calls it his “debriefing” notebook. I should follow his example.

  6. Aw, sorry about your photo! I’ve had that happen which is why now I tend not to delete them off the camera until I download to iPhoto. Yes, it means I have to delete in iphoto but it’s much harder to make a mistake there!

  7. Cute cat! I find that it’s never good for me to try to go through photos and delete. Either I need to delete it when I took it or wait till I’ve offloaded..otherwise, end up hitting delete when I don’t mean to.

  8. I’m with you. Shopping in a crowd is a pain I like to avoid at all costs. Cute kitty cat picture.

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