Sunday Project

It was supposed to be my Saturday project, but as Ralph likes to say…”lift and shift.”  I think that’s a military phrase.  I’m not sure if it means what I intend, but I mean is, make the most of the day even if you didn’t get to do so the day before.  In the coming weeks and months, I hope there will be a lot of “lifting” and “shifting” going on around here!

I had planned to start our Christmas cards on Saturday, but Sunday became the day instead.


I got quite a few of them done, with more to be done.  I really must do a better job of organizing my addresses.  I’m missing some and some, although I know they’ve changed, I couldn’t find the changes!  Found myself sending several e-mails and Facebook messages to obtain the new ones and clarify the old ones.

I used to have a program that I typed the names and addresses in and then printed out address labels.  Apparently you can do that in Microsoft Word also.  That should probably be on my list of goals for 2013.  Getting that all set up again.  It was so nice.  It took no time to address the cards which left me much more in the mood to add personal notes to cards.  Ok…you’ve convinced me.  That’s officially On The List!!!

I did get quite a bit done which pleased me.  I will eventually show you all the card, but I’ll hold off until they’ve gone out in the mail and they’ve been received.  I think that’s only fair.

It was fun to work on the cards while listening to my friends, Valerie and Mark Andruss do their Christmas radio show on KKFI 90.1 in Kansas City.  They do a show every other week called Foolkiller Folk.  It is just amazing to me that I get to listen to my old college friend over the internet.  The music is great and though we don’t see them very often, it makes me feel close to them.  A nice thing for the Holidays.

To nudge up my Holiday spirit, I dug this out…


My Santa Moon mug.  I can’t remember when I first saw Santa portrayed as a moon, but I think it’s a wonderful image.  These are great mugs too, because they’re big.  I’m drinking my gingerbread coffee from Aldi in it as I write.

Another rainy, foggy day out there, today.  As the light comes up, I might try for a few more foggy photos.

Today’s agenda is Cards, Cards, Cards!  I’d like to have the majority in the mail by days’ end.  Then I can concentrate on establishing a beach head for the Christmas tree.

I’m off to be productive!

Happy Monday!!

10 responses to “Sunday Project

  1. Mmmm does it get any better than gingerbread coffee in a santa mug?! That sounds fantastic 😉

    I’m sending out christmas cards this year too, and finding addresses is crazy!

  2. ah! you DID have luck getting into the card-writing, fran! have fun with that project today, too. i like to add little personal notes, too – it can be a time-consuming process, but put on some christmas tunes and it is a fun project, right?!
    love santa moon – hope you bring him out again today!

  3. Way to get things done! I haven’t even bought cards yet–I reeeeeally need to get on top of that. A trip to the Dollar store may be in the cards (har har) for after work…

  4. I am a huge fan of the big mug..that’s what I drink my nighttime decaf/herbal tea in.
    Haven’t even started on cards yet, so I’m envious of your progress.

  5. Judy Wasserman...Merry Christmas!

    Just came back from a cruise to find your card…tell Ralph he’s out done himself again…it’s always such a treat to receive your cards!

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