Cheer In The Mail!

That would be Christmas Cheer!  By some miracle, all of the cards found themselves, addressed, return addressed, stamped and in the mail by about 3pm on Monday!  I only have 2 left that need lengthier notes in them.  Then there are the ones that I hand deliver.  They’ll be easier to handle.  I even got a package in the mail that I’ve been trying to take care of since November which should have been done in October.  Is it tacky to send a Christmas card in the package with a Thank You gift? I didn’t think so, thanks. 😉

The rain and the drear are getting the better of me at the moment.  I’m working to keep my Christmas spirit going.  I think I’ll try working on the Christmas tree today.  I’d like to get it up before the end of the World next Friday!

I wanted to share a little drawing that Ralph did over the weekend while we were at Taco Bell for lunch.  Now keep in mind we were at Taco Bell, so the drawing went along with the theme of the restaurant…


A tiny Taco Santa.  wherever we go, he draws.  It handed it to the very surprised young lady who took our order.  I’m not sure that she got it.  I thought I’d share some Christmas artwork since I can’t share the Christmas card yet.  Funny, but I haven’t been sharing much food lately except on What I Ate Wednesday.  For quite a few weeks, I didn’t have much to show so I was saving everything for WIAW…It’s going to be chock full this week!

Well, the sun is up and  so is my side kick!! He’s got lots of work to do to in the form of artwork for family and friends for Christmas.  I need to get to my tree.  I also just realized that BCDC has not one but TWO milestones coming up in a few days.  Need to wrap my brain around what I want to say!  Oh, boy, there’s not much of this brain left at the moment for wrapping.  I need to focus what’s left! 😉

Speaking of focusing, I have really stuck with my meditating which I think is helping.  I did my 40 days (what I understand you’re supposed to do as a goal to start) and I have started on my next 40.  I think it’s also helping me with being mindful with my food.  I am quite amazed at my success with that considering the fact that we’re heading into the Holidays.  Shocked, I Am!

Ralph just brought in Yesterdays’ mail…we’re not confused or anything. 😉  In there a card from some old college friends.  Happy to see photos of them doing so well.

Happy Tuesday!  This is me starting a project!!


10 responses to “Cheer In The Mail!

  1. ooo, have fun with the christmas tree today, fran! and way to go on getting those cards in the mail.
    ralph is SO talented with his drawings! just amazing!
    it started snowing here about 7 a.m. so it is looking christmas-y. hope it brings out the shoppers today!

    • You need those customers, Cathy!! A little snow is great. However I don’t think I’ll ever really like snow again after the winter of 2011. It was dreadful! Still trying to get to the tree. It’ll be there when I’m ready! 😉 Have a great day!!

  2. You are not confused about the mail, we have an idiot for a mailman! I checked at 5 last night and had nothing and no sign of him anywhere on the street. When I went to check the doors before going to bed…there it was…lid up and all wet! ( I hate this guy!!!!) Last week when another carrier was doing the route I got my mail at 2:30. So, who do you think is the problem?

    I think we should have an “end of the world” party on the 21 st! It could be fun! Besides, even the Mayans are saying it isn’t going to end…they should know, it’s their calendar! I read an article that said that the government is so big on letting tourists come to the Mayans’ sacred sites for money that they are forbidding the Mayans to come to these sites to perform their sacred rituals…that just sucks! Greed, greed, greed!

  3. I can’t wait to see the official Christmas card! Ralph is such a fabulous artist–and how fun would it be to get a Christmas card from you guys?? So much more interesting than the usual box o’ cards (which, yup, are what I’m sending out this year).

  4. You are so on top of your cards. I’ve had mine for 3 weeks but they still aren’t in the mail! I have to get them out soon!!

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