Patience Is A Virtue

I don’t know if any of you believe in reincarnation.  I’m not sure if I do.  However, what I understand of reincarnation is this…In this life you work on issues until you have them worked out and then you don’t have to deal with That particular issue in your next life.  If that’s true, I’ve always said that I know what my issue is in this life.

My issue is Patience.  As I get older I think I have become more patient, I don’t get so riled if things don’t work out initially, or if something (traffic, service at a restaurant or store) is slow.  I’ve consciously worked on this over the years.  I’ve always known I was impatient and tried to correct it before I had my big reincarnation revelation.  Hmm…that sounds like a good title for a post! 😉

So…feeling very frustrated with myself for being behind again in my Christmas preparations, I was unsure what to talk about today.  I couldn’t say what a good job I was doing to be ready, or that I have all my gifts (almost) or that everything is wrapped (don’t ask…)  Ralph is doing a good job getting his artwork completed, so maybe I can take some credit for that!  No…don’t think I can piggy back there… 😦   I bought the frames…does that count?!

I do still have some Christmas spirit going in spite of what I said in the paragraph above, And the fact that the lights are Still out on the Christmas tree (have not been able to figure it out…I really just think they died of old age…)   I feel grateful for that considering my lack of spirit the last two Christmases.

So, getting back to patience.  I’m almost always up before the sun.  When I see the first light coming, I open my kitchen curtains to assess the sunrise in case there might be a photo-op.  Funny how sometimes I can just tell that what I see is what I get and it won’t improve so I’d better get out there if I want some color in the sky.

This is what I got…



A little color and nice enough.  What looks like magic orbs turned out to be dust on the lens.  No other worldly visitors…I’ve been watching too much Paranormal State…

I forgot about it and went about my other business.  All of a sudden I looked up and I knew I was in for a treat.  Grabbed the camera and ran outside…



I was so excited to look up in time.  There’s my old friend Gnarly Tree in the middle.  The sky was beautiful and I think it will help me start my day in a positive mood.

Have I learned all that I need to know about patience?  Certainly not yet, but this morning I’m glad that I’m at least a student who shows up for lessons.

Happy Thursday!!

6 responses to “Patience Is A Virtue

  1. fran, your blog post today is like a “daily devotional moment” in tone – and i appreciate that. AND the photo of the sunrise + gnarly tree – so glad you grabbed the camera and go that photo for us!
    patience is something i can work on, too.
    good luck with your day! christmas is getting closer!!!

  2. Such a great post! I’m a super impatient person, haha. It’s something I definitely need to work on! Maybe a goal for 2013? 🙂

  3. You always have such nice sunrise photos! I have been seeing it lately too since it rises so late. Finally, the days will start to get longer!

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