Where Do I Begin?

Saturday seemed like one of those days that went on forever!  Some usual things, some frustrating things and several special guest appearances.  Let’s just dive in!

Weight Watchers as usual first thing in the morning with a tiny gain that could have been because I ate dinner late on Friday.  I’m not going to worry, just not do that again!  I feel that in so many ways, I’m being mindful of my eating and as a result feeling strong and confident.  That doesn’t happen all the time…I’m holding on to it!

Breakfast with Gail and Alice after the meeting, then quickly home to make sure that Ralph was up and moving because we had a date at my sister, Ele’s house to see some friends coming for a quick visit.  Our friend Ginny along with her mom-in-law Stephanie were coming to visit and they were bringing a visitor from a very cold place, very far away…No Not Santa!

Ginny was bringing along her daughter, Jeanne and grandson, 2-year-old, Teddy!  I was so excited because I’ve never met Jeanne or Teddy.  They live in Norway (cold place, far away…see?!)  They’re visiting for Christmas and here they are…



Jeanne is beautiful and Teddy couldn’t be cuter.  He was a bit sleepy at first but warmed up to everyone quickly.



Clearly a  fun little guy.  We had a great time.



All bundled to go home looking like…well, a little Norwegian boy!  It was a fun visit.

Spent most of the rest of the afternoon wrapping and kicking myself.  The wrapping went well, the kicking comes from the fact that something I ordered didn’t come in.  I still have to go out this morning for two things, but I did find the thing that didn’t come is available at a store nearby.  That has to be on today’s list also.  I’ll be out Very early.  In fact I’m about to try to find out how early these stores open so I can get in and get out.  One of my only talents when it comes to shopping.

But as I wrapped, I realized that I was hearing sirens.  At first I was worrying that someone would be dealing with a fire this time of year and then I realized… It was that visitor from a very cold place, very far away…No, not Teddy!  It was Santa Claus.

Each year, our town fire department brings Santa around all lit up on a beautiful sleigh with music playing and candy canes given out!  The anticipation is terrible, because you can hear him but you can’t see him.  Then you don’t see him and you think he’s not coming down your street, then you SEE him and he turns down another street!  Makes me crazy every year!

But then…






He’s getting closer…



He’s HERE!!  This is such a fun tradition and I wait for it every year.  Ralph and I run out like crazy little (Big) kids and wave and shout to Santa.  I just love it!

So, I’d better get my act together to head into the maelstrom (still love that word!)  If I’m out early, I’m hopefully back early.  We have another special guest coming to visit today.  You’ll find out tomorrow!!

Happy Sunday!  Happy Day before Christmas Eve!  Yikes!!!

12 responses to “Where Do I Begin?

  1. looks like a fun Saturday!! I love getting candy canes from the firetruck Santa. I heard him a few days ago, but we didn’t know where he was and how many blocks he would go down, so we didn’t try… I was much more familiar with the route at my parents’ house.

    teddy looks adorable. and another visitor today? sounds like the holidays. 🙂

  2. haha, i LOVE that santa tradition!! so glad you had a social saturday, fran, with special people – that is the best thing at this time of year!!
    we’re doing family christmas today – yippee!!
    have a GREAT sunday!!

  3. Bettysue Burton Long

    Makes my heart feel warm as I born and raised in National Park.Fran thank you so much for giving me that Christmas Present.Very special to me.Sometimes I get homesick and miss my Hometown. I always enjoy your pictures of anything in National Park…..

  4. Very cool! I wish there was a firetruck santa in my city 🙂

  5. Bettysue Burton Long

    I remember when I was a little girl how excited I use to be when I saw him coming down Crozier Avenue…….The good old days………

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