Down To The Wire

Have I said that my head is spinning?  If I have then I’m repeating myself.  If I haven’t said it then…”My Head Is Spinning!”  Not really in a bad way either.

I really do have everything under control.  I have 2 gifts left to wrap and they won’t take long.

I was really proud of myself on Sunday. I was up early and had my plan.  I had three stores to visit and I called each one to find out what time they opened.  I left my house at 8 am exactly and I was home by about 9:45.  I didn’t quite believe it myself.  I got everything I needed in spite of the fact that I left my list on the bed side table.  I was frustrated by that, but it didn’t get me down.

Our major function today was to get together with Heather, Brian and Colette who would ordinarily be coming to Ele’s house on Christmas Eve, but won’t be able to this year.

We don’t get to see them as often as we’d like so we were really glad we could get together with them.

As is with most babies, I take a ton of pictures.  As it is usually with my camera, the little devils are too quick for me to get decent pictures.  I did get a few good ones of Colette.



Princess Colette with Grummy Ele and Dad Brian.



Brian and the Princess!



Kept trying to get a smile…this was as close as I got.



Wish I could remember what Uncle Ralph was laughing at…Love this picture!



She really seemed to like what we got her…it was a talking Teapot and tea cups.  She laughed when it talked but of course, I didn’t catch it. 😦



Mom Heather with the Princess in her pretty pink owl hat!

And yes, I got to get my photo taken with the Princess…


This is the first photo I’ve seen of my new haircut…I Like it!!

So that was Sunday.  True confession insists that I mention that Ele put out a wonderful collection of cheese and crackers.  Characteristically, I did some damage with it.  However, I was very good the rest of the day.

As always happens on Christmas Eve for us, it is very much like an eating marathon.  Breakfast out, then early dinner out, then back to Ele’s for present opening.  That cheese will be there again, calling to me, but I think I’ll change my name…Call me Carmen Miranda.  Don’t tell the Cheese…

Happy Christmas Eve!!

18 responses to “Down To The Wire

  1. happy, happy christmas eve day to you and your family, fran! (hi ele!).
    have a wonderful time today!! your plan sounds like so much fun.
    love the family pics – the baby is adorable! and i saw that photo of ralph and thought, what is he laughing at?! (which you then commented on, too!).
    we had the BEST family xmas yesterday – and more time together tomorrow! being around children at christmas is just so fun!

    • Thanks, Cathy and the same to you! We had a wonderful time. I asked Ralph and he was laughing because Brian had the present in his hand “helping” and Colette would have none of it, grabbed the present and did it herself! I love it!! Glad you had a wonderful day!

  2. Dear Carmen,

    The chese says that it will leave you alone and the carrots and celery will be there to comfort you. But, sadly the gingerbread with lemon icing knows who you are and where you live!

  3. What a lovely princess! happy Christmas Eve back at you! (I was under control; now – despite the shots – I have the flu. In OK. Where I ‘m supposed to be cooking Christmas dinner….)

  4. Great haircut BTW

  5. Happy Christmas Eve Fran! Your new haircut is so cute. Enjoy your holidays!

  6. Merry Christmas Fran!

  7. awww… collette is beautiful! I love all the attempts to get her to smile.

    characteristically did some damage with the cheese and crackers. hahaha. I hear you though. Ele cracked me up — “the carrots and celery will be there to comfort you.”

    • Hi Cutie!! Isn’t she beautiful! We joke that she’s the princess…but she’s so serene. I’m sure that’s not always the case, but she’s great. Oh, dear…the cheese…Exactly why I try to stay away…I loved Ele’s comment…made me laugh out loud. Have a wonderful Christmas, Sweetie!! Hugs to you.

  8. Have a wonderful Christmas, Fran! What a sweet looking family gathering!

  9. Have a fantastic Christmas, Fran!!! 🙂

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