Truths, Transgressions and Treasures

In the time that I’ve been writing Broken Cookies Don’t Count I may have seemed like a bit of a humbug about Christmas.  At least that’s what I see when I re-read previous posts related to Christmas.  There are various reasons why that is, but I’m still not prepared to discuss it here.  Suffice it to say, I find the reasons valid.  However, I do my best to buck up and enjoy the season.

It finally happened this year.  I had the Spirit and it’s been wonderful!  There are various reasons for it.  The Truths…


My Best Friends… Gail and Alice…


My sister, Ele and my nephew, Little Michael…notice the orb by Ele’s left ear…hmmm…that’s all I’m going to say…


Ele’s beautiful little tree and our “fireplace!”


The sleeping Santa that has to be about 65 years old at least.  Ele and I both remember it from childhood.  She currently has custody.  He is just adorable.

And my own sleeping Santa…


Ralph…my best Christmas gift Ever!!  I’ll get to more gifts in a minute, but first…

The Transgressions… If you remember back in November I did a post titled “Every Day Is Not a Party…”  It talked about planning ahead and not allowing Holiday eating get the better of me.  I talked about marking my calendar so that I could clearly see the days when I would expect to indulge and that on the other days…well, it was just Wednesday…not the Day after Christmas and it didn’t come with a license to over eat.  I’m working hard on that.

First thing Wednesday morning, I headed to the produce market and here is my haul…


As we speak, I can barely close the fridge door due to all of the goodies.  Part of this became this…


Weight Watchers veggie soup.  It will get me through the next few days in proper WW style!  Hoping for a favorable outcome on Saturday!  It’s all in the attitude with which you approach things.  I like my WW attitude lately!

Now to the Treasures…

I’m not sure which of these made Ralph happier…


The old phone I found for him to replace the one he had but then “disappeared.”  I was so excited to find this back in October down in Mullica Hill.  I snuck it into the car right under his nose.  I love that he can be oblivious sometimes! 😉



His “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree!”  I got this at Aldi of all places.  I brought it home and set it up on the kitchen counter for him, with the note that says “Merry Christmas” on it.  He was sleeping because he had been up all night doing art work.  When I got home, he had drawn a little Charlie Brown on the note (of course!) but I’m not sure you can see that in the photo.  He grabbed me and gave me the biggest hug.  It made him really happy.  I think it helped us both to get some of the Spirit we were missing.

My Treasures were…


This wonderful little Buddha to help me with my meditations.  This is from Ele and although I forgot to ask her this, I think this was the gift she had said made her the happiest when the package arrived.

And finally…The Big Deal…


Yes, my Cookies…I now have a real camera!!  I will be able to take wonderful pictures like my friend, Kristen.  She’ll be serving as my camera coach to help me figure things out.  Now if I could just work up the courage to open the box!   😉

It’s been a terrific Christmas for us here.  It’s been a while since I’ve been able to say  that, but I’m so happy that I can share it with all of you.

Now I have to get to work on my 2012 wrap ups and my 2013 Goals.  A blogger’s work is never done!   🙂

Happy Thursday!!  Make a List!

18 responses to “Truths, Transgressions and Treasures

  1. oh, fran, i am so happy for you that you got a new camera!!! enjoy!!!
    LOVE LOVE all your photos…like the TWO sleeping santas (!) and i LOVE that buddha. ele made a great choice!
    thanks for sharing your thoughts about christmas, it is true, it is not always an easy time…i am GLAD you felt the spirit of the season this year.
    have a wonderful day! i am planning my 2013 resolutions blog post, too!…

    • Thanks, Cathy! You always make me feel better and you happy pre-Christmas posts helped! I am excited but a little nervous about the new camera. I’m planning a weekend of Reading The Book!!! Gotta figure out some of it before I make poor Kristen crazy with questions. It really was a great Christmas!! Love the Sleeping Santas, Too!

  2. You know what Judy Dingler and Pat would say about that orb! Yes, the Buddha was the most exciting gift! I waited so long to find it, thinking that I never would, and then, there it was on the doorstep! Yeah! Best gift ever! The other gift I posted about was Colette’s. That turned out so much better than I could have ever hoped. I had lost the “crafting” touch a while ago but, it was made with love and hopefully, she will appreciate it when she gets older. We were smaller in numbers but I think we had a good time.

    • I think we had a Great time!! Very much fun. I love my Buddha and I love my dragonfly necklace…need to get that out of the bag!! I know Colette will appreciate it when she is older. Brian and Heather will teach her to appreciate the right things!! Hugs!

  3. Yeah, a camera! I take all my pics with my phone or tablet. Not always the best.

    Love the santa!

  4. I totally need to make the weight watchers veggie soup when January rolls around. Time to get into healthy mode!

    • Hi Natalie! It’s a great versatile thing to have in the fridge. Any veggie can go in other than starchy and it is 0 Points. Then each serving you can add something, beans, etc and it will be more filling/nutritious and easy to count. Had it for lunch yesterday and didn’t even have to think other than how long to cook in the micro! 😉

  5. you will love the rebel enjoy

  6. Ohh the phone is such a cool gift!!! I’m sure he was excited! I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday!

  7. Hope you’re ok Fran, I wonder if I know why it’s been difficult to get in the spirit and if so, I know it can be really hard x
    Glad you did feel it more this year – and I wish I had your self control, I’ve indulged far too much!

    • Eleanor, it’s basically because of people we’ve lost over the past few years. Always difficult. You never get Over it but you can start to get Around it. I think I’ve just started to get Around it a little better this year. As far as food goes, I made my plan and as soon as Christmas Eve/Christmas Day were over I was back on the horse! 😉 Wish I could be on the horse for real…maybe if we make it to NM by next year, Santa will bring me one or at least find someone to lend me one! Have a great week end!!

  8. Merry Christmas Fran. It sounds like you got to spend time with your favorite people and even got a cool camera to boot. Glad to hear you got a little spirit this year, and you’re right it’s all about the attitude.

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