No Where To Go

Slept well last night for a change, got up at 5:10am.  Pushed the button on the coffee maker which I was smart enough to set up last night.  Then I meditated.

Fixed my first cup of coffee…I’ve really gotten the recipe down for this stuff lately!  Maybe my Cardinal cup is helping!

Reading e-mails.  Someone who I’ve known for years wants to be Friends on Facebook…OK!  Log-in to Facebook to confirm.  She has the nerve to post a photo of herself looking really good in an orange polka dot mini skirt (from back when that was the style!)  I hate her for it, but her smile has Not changed over all the years I’ve known her and that makes up for it.  Great lady and I’m glad to be FB friends with her now!

I read the Many (!!!) comments on BCDC that came from joining in the “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?” meme.  (That word still vaguely gives me the creeps, but I’m working to get past that. )  These bookish folks Love to comment and that makes me happy.  I’ve been commenting back as well, so I think we’re stuck with each other!

Trying to plan out my day to make the most of it. I need to: Start on the sorting and packing again, errands, watch another episode of Firefly, (so glad that my niece Carrie lent it to me!)  Do laundry, Change the sheets on the bed.  Figure out if what I did on-line yesterday really registered me for the class I want to take.  Figure out my new camera. Exercise.  Read…

Holy Cow!!  Someone needs to write a post on BCDC and I’m the only one around here who can do it!

Realize I have no idea what I’d like to talk about so I ramble and realize I am playing a part I haven’t played in a while…The Human Randomizer.

Time to focus on some of those things mentioned earlier.  Finish my coffee and get on the exercise bike…Yes…that always does it for me.  It’s become such a natural part of my day that I feel better as soon as I get on the decrepit old thing.  I jokingly say I’m doing penance when I’m riding.  Actually, it’s just another excuse to Read!

No Photos!! Oh, well…Hit publish.  Turn off the laptop.  Get on that bike and Ride!  (oh…Read, too… 😉  )

Happy Tuesday!!


18 responses to “No Where To Go

  1. LOL — this sounds like the kinda day I had yesterday — I think that I am finally decompressing after the Christmas rush — take care and have a great day — oxoxoxo

  2. haha, this is a great post, fran. it’s just like we’re chatting!
    and YES, the cardinal mug is full of GOOD KARMA!!! what a positive way to start your day!

  3. Sound like you have got a lot on, take deep breath and sort out in your brain, what must be done, what needs to be done, and what can you put on the back burner and grab a herbal tea and a power nap, cos the power naps are the most important part of the day, for me anyway hee hee!!

    • Hi Tom! Thanks for stopping by! Great advise actually and thanks to just digging in I got a lot accomplished and was resting and reading (though not napping) by 1:30pm. Tea in the afternoon is great. Ralph and I have started doing that on a fairly regular basis. Please visit again!

  4. The Human Randomizer, funny :), but most of the time that’s just life right? Happy reading!

  5. Happy Tuesday. Sometimes those…little of this, little of that days are just what we need.

  6. moderngirlnutrition

    Coffee is always a good plan haha. Have a great night!

  7. I’m ok with random. I’m random myself!

  8. I love this rambling post! And Firefly is awesome.

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