Frozen Out

I may or may not have ever explained this before.  My “office” is located on a side porch of my house.  It’s also where my exercise bike lives.  With the cold that we’ve been having, I can’t stay out here for very long.

After posting on Wednesday, I closed off the doorway after turning up the electric heater.  I didn’t go back in all day, didn’t get to exercise.

This morning when I opened it up, it was as warm as could be thanks to the heater.  I should have checked yesterday afternoon, but I didn’t.

I’m pretty excited about this because I don’t like to miss a day of exercise and this means I’ll be back in the saddle…err…seat in just a little while!

I had been feeling so off track with not eating my usual veggie combos for dinner.  I found myself eating a lot of stuff I didn’t need to eat because I wasn’t satisfied.

I made sure I got to the produce market yesterday and I feel that I’m really back on track.  Veggies galore and ready to feast!  I also got some clementines that are great for night time snacking.  I haven’t had a lot of luck with clementines this season, the ones I’ve gotten just haven’t been good.  I hit the jackpot this time.  These are just delicious!  They’re just what I need, they’re sweet and they take a while to eat.  They even made me forget about the huge peanut butter cup that Ralph brought home from the store.  I tucked that away for Saturday after weigh in.

I’m working to get myself back on track and it really proves the point I was making a few weeks ago.  I really need volume to feel satisfied.  I’ve been in trouble with night-time snacking because I haven’t been eating my usual volume dinners.  Veggie burgers are great, but they don’t fill me enough.  I’m back to packing in the veggies and I feel better in general.  I feel in control again.

Boy, I guess I do whine a lot about food and my control issues with it.  Well, I like to think that’s part of my charm!   😉  I think if I’m struggling with control, I’m sure there are others out there who are fighting the same battle.  Perhaps my ramblings will help someone else see where their issues lie and make a turn around for themselves.  Also, I hope it lets them know that they’re not alone.

So now that I’m not a frozen block of ice, I can get on my bike and ride!  It’s getting better…yesterday it was 13 degrees…today it’s 18 degrees…Heat Wave!   🙂

Happy Thursday!!

12 responses to “Frozen Out

  1. enjoy your ride (and reading time!), fran!
    we are at -10 C today which is wayyyy warmer than the last two days. and i just got in from hot yoga so i am warmed wonderfully. hope it lasts!!
    have a great day and enjoy those clementines!

  2. Totally with you about routines! Whether it’s eating or just day to day, I feel so off when I don’t follow my carefully laid out plan! It’s a plan for a reason, right?
    Hope you are having a great day!

  3. It does feel so good to get back on the wagon with exercise. After our little trip to Vegas I am loving eating clean and working out again. i can relate to the quest for yummy citrus. Sometimes you get a tasty bunch and sometimes not, when you get delicious oranges they’re heaven.

  4. Just having veggies on hand is such a help toward eating right! I’ll grab them first, but if they aren’t around? Yeah, I’ll go for the less-healthy options rather than run to a grocery store. And I’m with you on citrus–I never by oranges any more, because they are so hit or miss! Good ones are amazing, but then half the time I get those flavorless dry ones. No idea how to tell which is which without cutting them open.

  5. We’re here to help support you get back on track! We know you can do it! 🙂 Maybe the cold office is causing to you eat more even when you’re not hungry?

    • I like that as a reason, Shannon! I’m pretty sure though that it was because I wasn’t getting the volume (usually veggie) that I’m used to. I just wasn’t satisfied. But I truly appreciate all of the support! Have a great day!

  6. Good thing that heater works! I’ve been really not liking this cold. WAY too extreme for my CA blood. It was 9 degrees this morning – 9!!! Next week’s supposed to be warmer though, whew! Glad you are back on track with the veggies 🙂

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