Snapshot Saturday~January 26

I had my Snapshot Saturday contribution all set when something else (of course there’s a story!) intervened.

Snapshot Saturday is hosted each week by Alyce from At Home With Books.  It has become such a happy part of my weekly routine.  When you’re finished here, be sure to check out some of the other bloggers linked up.  You’ll find some great photography and many of the linkers are book bloggers and what could be better than photography prone book bloggers?!

Our trip to Paws Farm last Saturday sent me home armed with some great shots, but they’ll be held in reserve for the moment.

The strangest thing happened on Friday morning.  I was working on the computer and looked to my left (toward sunrise) and the sky was ablaze!



You know the old saying about “Red sky at morning, Sailor take warning?”





I grabbed my camera and ran out the back door.  As I did I frightened a deer that was in the side yard, not far from the door.  Actually, I believe we were equally startled!.

Never the less, I was able to catch these beauties.  I mention the old “red sky at morning” saying because we hear we’ll be getting a snow storm Friday afternoon and evening.  As I sit writing this, no snow has yet showed itself and I do hope it doesn’t show itself at all.  I’m pretty excited that the sky decided to show me this sunrise.

The additionally odd thing was that when I walked back in the house, I noticed that the light in the kitchen was no longer on. Then I realized that the light in my office was also off.  No Electricity!  After a text to my sister, who lives one street over, to verify that she was without power as well, I was frustrated because I lost what I was doing on the computer.  In little more than 5 minutes, everything was back up and running, but it was so strange.  Sunrise, Deer, Power outage.  Strange.

Be sure to visit At Home With Books and see some of the other great photography being offered!  You’re sure to find something you enjoy!

Happy Saturday!  Hope there’s no snow!!

45 responses to “Snapshot Saturday~January 26

  1. i am glad you went along the vibe to catch that sunrise, fran! it’s gorgeous! your situation sounds like an example of “coincidence, i think not!”
    we got a little snow yesterday but not much. looking forward to slightly warmer temps this weekend (as in only slightly below 0 Celsius). stay warm!

  2. Beautiful sunrise. Perhaps the old saying is meant to be taken metaphorically. “Just because the day starts beautifully, don’t expect it will stay that way,” maybe?

  3. I do love gorgeous sunrises…and what a great story! Like an omen or a warning, the sky seemed to be the first in a series of unexpected events.

    Thanks for sharing…and for visiting my blog.

  4. Spooky! Pretty photos too. Luckily the snow was minimal (at least it was here).

  5. What a way to start the day! I’m a morning person so I am partial to sunrises.

  6. I’m disappointed…I thought I was going to see a photo of the very surprised deer! The morning sky photos you posted made up for it. Bee-utiful!!

  7. GORGEOUS and mysterious.
    I learned Red sky at night; sailors delight. Red sky at morning, sailor’s warning.
    Mine is a series of sky shots too!

  8. Wow those are amazing! That looks like the kind of light that makes everything glow red. Weird about the power, glad everything was okay.

  9. You reminded me that my grandma used to say, “Red skies at night, sailors delight”…. I have no idea what that means but I think of it in the summer when the sun is causing the sky to be red as evening approaches.

  10. Lovely photos.
    Having the ancestors that I do and still living in Suffolk, England we say
    Shephard’s warning. My grandfather was the last Shephard in a long line of sheep watchers in this part of UK


  11. Beautiful pictures! 🙂
    I know what it’s like, losing work on the computer. Very frustrating, hope it doesn’t happen again in the near future!

  12. Beautiful photos – has the snow arrived yet? My Snapshot is at

  13. We have snow here, but not the intense cold we had this past week. Good to grab the camera when a picture opportunity presents itself.

  14. That is an odd sequence of events, but at least you got some good photos out of it! 🙂

  15. Beautiful shots.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Saturday Snapshot

  16. BEAUTIFUL sky, those colors are amazing! Great shots, Book Savvy Babe

  17. Glorious colour…hope the storm warning proved to be flase.

  18. My grandfather used to say that all the time…in LA it’s unfortunately very accurate I think! So so pretty.

  19. Certainly made an exciting start to your day♫ Happy Week-end….and here’s to no more power outages!!!!

  20. That is brilliant! I rarely see sunrise… and if I did I’m not sure I’d be awake enough to photograph it. Yeah, I’m one of those night people.

  21. Love these pictures!

  22. I was love a red sky which ever end of the day it is.

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