Whose Team Am I On?

I believe this may very  well be a train of thought post today.  I just checked on-line to see what time and what network the Pro Bowl would be on tonight.  Not at all because I want to know, but because Ralph will want to know and I like to be able to offer him little pieces of info that he’ll need before he knows (or remembers) that he’ll need them.  It’s easy and it’s something you do for someone you love.

I’m not a football fan, but I have played team sports and I guess in a way for me, Weight Watchers is a team.  I practice all week and then see how I do for the big game on Saturday mornings.  We all get together then and talk about our score for the week and our strategies that got us a good score and those that we’ll need to work on for the coming week.

My score was ok.  I gained a half pound.  It’s not a big deal really because I’m well below my WW goal, but I still have those pesky 2 pounds to lose to get to  my personal goal.  I’ll get back there again and I can live with the extra 2 pounds, I just want to get there.  Anyone dealing with weight loss and weight maintenance understands.

I did hear something interesting though, on Saturday.  One of my friends who is a Lifetime member only about 2 pounds from being back to goal was talking about her daughter’s wedding which is coming up.  I didn’t hear the entire conversation, but I believe she said it would be a destination wedding and she’d be wearing something like a sun dress.  She said she didn’t want to be wearing a size 14 for the wedding.

It took me back to thinking of something that happened quite a few years ago, when I was still a Leader for Weight Watchers.  I was working in a meeting where I was doing the weighing.  One of my members who had just reached goal came for her weigh in.  I saw what her weight was, I knew what her height was.  She was only an inch shorter than me and weighed only about 3 pounds less than me.  She was so excited because she’d bought a new suit and it was a size 8.  She was wearing a size 8 and I was wearing a size  14 (ok, I just confessed, didn’t I?)

How could that be?  We were practically the same person physically.  Or were we?  That was when I started to realize that the “size” you are has nothing to do with the “size” you are.  Each person’s height and weight arranges itself in a very unique way.  We shouldn’t compare ourselves to other people and we certainly shouldn’t beat ourselves up because of the size we are.

People who see me, tell me I look good.  I often get comments from people (sometimes new people to our WW meeting) who say “Why are you going to Weight Watchers?  You don’t need it.”  That is another conversation altogether…In my mind I will ALWAYS need Weight Watchers.  But back to my point.  Those people who see me looking fit in general have no idea what size I wear.

My friend at WW isn’t looking at how she looks (great, in my opinion.)  She’s looking at how she thinks others are perceiving her.  She won’t be wearing her size on the back of her dress like a team jersey.  Knowing her, she’ll be wearing a pretty, appropriate dress that will flatter her figure and make her a beautiful Mother of the Bride.

If I had a choice, I suppose I’d rather be in a different size, but I’m healthy and active and I am the size that I am.

My suggestion, be who you are and forget about the number.

Happy Sunday!!  I’m a 14…What are you?


12 responses to “Whose Team Am I On?

  1. What a great post! It’s so true. Sometimes we are just so harsh on ourselves! Have a great day!

  2. Hmmm…depending on whose clothing it is, I can range over 3-4 sizes! Yes, height and weight aren’t everything when it comes to proportions.
    Funny about your “why are you at weight watchers?” comments. I’ve pretty much kept the 50 pounds I lost off for the last twenty years..I am shocked when people comment on how I don’t have to worry about my weight because I’m “thin.” Makes me realize that there’s not a sign telling everyone where you started, so they take you as they see you.

    • Zo, it’s amazing when you’re with a group of people who didn’t know you “when.” You’re just a regular average person and don’t know that you have eating issues to deal with. I get those “thin” comments sometimes and I look behind me to see who they’re talking to! Glad you understand!

  3. Don’t be too upset about your “size”. Years ago, designers changed the sizing so that peple could pretend that they were thinner. Back in the day, in the real world, when I used to sew all of my clothes I was a 10 on the bottom and a 12 on top (because of my broad sholders and long monkey arms, not my boobs!). Today, I am a size 6….(OK, you can all stop laughing now!) Which I personally find hysterical. Especiall since I am at least 25 pounds heavier than I was back then. I do not like to see people who are morbidly obese, not because I find in offensive, but because I worry about their health. If you are a larger person who is healthy and living a healthy lifestlye by your eating and exercise then it’s no one’s business how much you weigh or what size you wear. And do not compare the two of us, Miss Fran. You were lucky enough to get Gram’s tall genes and I got Pop’s short genes. Just the luck of the draw. I see you as perfect! I have spoken….as the older sister I can do that and you must, by law, listen!

    • Thank you, Ele, I really appreciate your comment. It is just amazing how these things can differ and trust me, it can make people crazy and even through them completely off of their path with losing weight. I just try to make people understand what it’s like. Had a real good time this afternoon.

  4. Good for you Fran!! Way to embrace yourself!! I range from a size 2 to a size 6 depending on the day and the designer. I have a whole bunch of size 8’s buried in the closet though, which I hope I’ll never need again. Maybe I should just give them away now.

    • I vote for giving them away, Meghan. Reason being, if you know you have them in reserve, sometimes your brain can give you permission to eat in an out of control manner because you know they’re there. I got rid of everything except for one pair of jeans that are my inspirational jeans. Guess I should tell that story sometime. Life is an eternal blog post idea!! Have a great evening!

  5. i enjoyed this blog post (well, i always do!) and your train of thought musings. i bet you were a great ww leader – i can just feel it!
    i am an xsm or a small (99% of my clothes are running clothes and that is how they are sized!).
    happy sunday and i hope ralph enjoys the football! i am off to yoga!

  6. Such an important reminder! Plus, depending on the store and the cut, I can be a different size altogether (which of course makes me shop at places where I am a smaller size…hmmm…sounds like a marketing ploy 🙂 )

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