Let’s Call It Tuesday

One of those days, Tuesday.  I believe this may be stream of consciousness or train of thought today and I guess that’s what you get sometimes.

I had all intentions of writing and scheduling my post Monday afternoon so I would not face this brick wall this morning.  It would have been humorous (possibly), literate (unlikely) and thought-provoking.  The thought would probably have you asking what is wrong with me… In fact my Mom used to say that to me occasionally.  She never found out and I’m not sure I will either.   😉

I awoke with a headache and a time crunch (we have an appointment this morning) and of course this is the day, I have dirty dishes in the sink, can’t find the reusable coffee filters (they’re buried in there somewhere) and once the coffee is made, I spill it all over my desk and myself.  Mercifully, it did not  get on the computer.

I need to concentrate and I can’t focus.  I almost just pulled out my folder of recipes to look one up.  Completely off track.  What is wrong with me?  (Thank you, Mom!)  Of course, now I’m thinking about an episode of Law & Order that I want to look up on IMDB.  Now I’m thinking about trains. (Thank you, Sheldon!)

Now, Ralph is up and is telling me about a Perry Mason episode he saw last night, having no idea that I’m trying to write this. (What else am I doing sitting out here typing at 6am?) I can’t pay attention to what he’s saying while I’m Trying to pay attention here.  I’m not doing either successfully.

I did go on to IMDB, looked up the episode and I was right…That WAS Ty Burrell playing that character.  Looked different but his voice is so distinctive, I was pretty sure I was right.  Still restraining myself from looking up the recipe.

I should be getting in an Amazon delivery today.  One is my friends’ book that I’m looking forward to reading.  The other is a gift for Ralph.  Something that he said, he’d love to have but didn’t think he’d ever find.  Ah HA!! I found it!  Now I can’t decide if I should give it to him for Valentine’s Day or his birthday.  I’d have to save that until April and I don’t think I can save it that long.  Besides, I’d probably lose it in the black pit that is currently my home (you’ve heard about that before.  Boring, I know…)  So I guess Valentines’ Day it is.  I’ll let Ralph lose it, then I won’t feel so guilty!

So, it’s 37 degrees out.  Pretty exciting since the last few days I’ve been waking up to 18 degrees!  I can really get behind rising temperatures.  In fact we saw on the weather channel last night that it could actually reach the 60’s in the next few days.  It’ll practically feel like New Mexico.  Oh, no…don’t get me started on New Mexico…

Happy Tuesday!  I’m off to figure out What’s Wrong With Me!!!

20 responses to “Let’s Call It Tuesday

  1. fran, i hope you feel more centred as the day goes on!
    i vote for giving ralph his gift for valentine’s day – why wait?!!
    it is going to be WARM here today – hooray!!
    good luck with the appt and with the rest of your day!!

  2. I have to say, unfortunately, I am all too familiar with those days 🙂 I too cannot get it out of my head when I need to know an actors name or where I recognize them from, what did we do without google?

    I say give him the gift for Valentines, I couldn’t wait that long either. The weather is so strange, we go back and forth between super chilly and warm, I like California winters. Have a great day!

    • I think I’d take your winter compared to ours, Marie! I think I’ve decided on giving him his gift for Valentine’s Day. I can wait a couple of weeks, but not a couple of months. Glad I’m not alone in having “those” days.

  3. I salute you for being able to write at 6 am. Personally at that time of day I hardly find the kitchen, let alone mutter some intelligent thoughts 😀

  4. It’s 63 degrees here in Maryland and I’m ready to break out the shorts. Oh, I’ve missed this weather. Enjoy it while we can is my new motto.

  5. If you want to let your mind wander, post a fiction piece and link up with the yeah write speakeasy (you have to go there to get the prompts). Last week of a $25 Amazon gift card for the winner!

  6. It’s funny when you think you recognize an actor and then try to backtrack through their career to see if you did see them! I think I’ve seen the girl who plays the older daughter in an Olive Garden commercial!

    • It could be, Zo. IMDB covers TV and movies. I wish there was a site like that for commercials and especially voice overs. I hear a voice then it take me months to figure out who it is. Ralph is much better at the voices than I am.

  7. My brain acts the same way most days. I’ve decided it’s ADD, and I am in no way qualified to diagnose it, but there you have it. You can take a quick test online though (of course you can), and I did, and I failed miserably. Or passed depending on how you look at it.

  8. Whatever is wrong with you, I like it. These posts make me smile. I am totally distracted most of the day myself!

  9. Sorry I didn’t check back sooner! Anyone can participate, the more the merrier. No gift card next week though 😦

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