It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?~February 4

It’s fun to have the chance to catch up on books and Monday seems a good day for it.  Thanks to Sheila at Book Journey for starting this.  It’s fun and when I’m finished reading and commenting (hint-hint…) on many of the blogs that join this link up each week, I end up with quite a few books to add to my  to be read list.


I have to admit, I’ve fallen behind a bit in my reading.

I did finish Brooklyn by Colm Toibin.


I enjoyed it.  As I got closer and closer to the end, I thought the main character was going to make a choice that would have soured me on the book, but she made the decision I hoped for.

I’m currently reading The Gilly Salt Sisters by Tiffany Baker.  Sheila, yes That  Sheila recommended it and I’m glad I took her suggestion.

The Gilly Salt Sisters: A Novel

I’m really enjoying this book.  Strange thing though and I wonder if this is a problem for anyone else.  The copy I got from the library is the large print version.  For some reason, a large print book slows me down when I’m reading it.  You’d think with my bad eyesight a large print book would be better, but it’s not.  Curious if anyone else has this same issue.

I have one other thing that was book related.  Last week sometime, Ralph and I were out and we picked up the DVD of Hugo.

Hugo (2011) Poster

It was a wonderful movie.  I watched it somewhere around 4 am Saturday into Sunday after waking at 2:30 am.  It was worth staying up for.  Now it makes me want to read the book.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Have to keep my eye out for it at thrift stores and library sales.  Or I could actually buy it.  Oh, the horrors!!    😉

That’s what I’m reading at the moment.  Hope to put a good dent in The Gilly Salt Sisters today and then get on with my Chronicles of Narnia reading as I had intended.

Be sure to stop by at Book Journey to read some of the linked up blogs.  Leave some comments and add some books to your list!

Happy Monday!!

34 responses to “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?~February 4

  1. happy monday, fran!
    i sometimes get the large print from the library, too…it just makes for one HUGE and heavy book, though! but if i really want to read a book, i do not care about the size of the font!
    i think i should give “brooklyn” a try – thanks for sharing your thoughts!
    i finished state of wonder and am now trying to wrap up circle of friends! i am with you and i feel behind in my reading goals!

    • What did you think of State of Wonder, Cathy? I’ve read most of Ann Patchett’s books but not that one yet. I know I’ll catch up on my reading goals, just feeling sluggish at the moment, in SO many areas. I’ll get back on track. Have a great day!!

  2. Wow-y, watching a movie in the middle of the night? I haven’t done that – but why not, really?

    I’ve read another book by Toibin and Brooklyn is on my wishlist, sounds like you enjoyed it.

  3. I love the look and sound of Brooklyn…great cover, and I suspect the story would wrap its arms around me.

    Thanks for sharing…and for visiting my blog. Enjoy your week!

  4. Great Blog! I arrived via Book Journeys.
    Beth @ Free Spirit Books

  5. You convinced me–I had to join in this week! And I kinda love when I accidentally get a large-print book, I feel like I’m read SO FAST when I get to flip a page every paragraph, haha. I remember really liking Brooklyn when I read it–woah, way back in high school, I think. Definitely a classic I’ll need to reread one of these days!

  6. Large print books are hard for me to hold with one hand because they are usually so big and cumbersome so that slows me down, lol

    Happy Reading!

  7. I’m reading the same book I have been for the past two months. So embarrassing, but never seem to have the time anymore. 😦

  8. I just started “Pride and Prejudice.” My first Jane Austen, reading because I feel it is my duty as a female author haha. It seems a little silly, although the footnotes are assuring me that there are incredibly forward-thinking representations. It feels pretty gossipy–like what if the regular housewives of New Jersey that didn’t have a reality show got together to talk about the “real” housewives of New Jersey that did. Will see how I feel at the end, although I’m not even to the end of Volume One and I’m already kind of tired of it! Next is Water for Elephants 🙂

    • Hi Amy! I started P & P as my first book of the year because I wanted to read the Classics. I gave up after about 150 pages. It just wasn’t holding my interest. I really like Water For Elephants. I’ll be interested to know what you think. Take care. Hope I can make it to a meeting soon!

  9. Hugo Cabret is a beautiful book! Were it just the story, it would have been just ok. But the illustrations were just phenomenal. I just finished a book and now I have to decide which one to pick up from my giant to-be-read pile!

    • And also, I dreamt about you last night. It was very non-creepy. We were having a tea party and eating cake. So thanks for that! Ha!

    • Hi Stephanie! If you haven’t seen the movie, I think you’d enjoy it. Such a clever story. I’m curious to read the book now to see how closely movie followed book. I always hit a point about 30 pages from the end of a book that I’m reading when I start to get all jittery trying to figure out what’s going to be my next. So weird…

  10. I’ve heard really good things about Hugo, but then I kind of forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder!

  11. Right now I’m just trying to keep up with the #SheReadsTruth passages!

  12. Hmmm…I read a large print book a few months ago. It took me a while to get used to it, but I don’t know that it slowed me down.
    Have a great week!

  13. Happy Monday! I think I go slower through large print, too. Probably, I don’t actually read all the words in regular print — a skimming that I’m not even conscious of. But in large print, the words are too far apart to take multiple words in at a time.

  14. My daughter read Hugo Cabret but we have yet to see the movie. Wonderstruck was really good too.

  15. Large print does the same thing for me. I actually read Cleopatra by Stacy Schiff last year, and the library only had large print, but it was taking me forever, so when I saw it at a Half Price Books, I bought it, and the regular print was MUCH easier!

    I finally got through How to Win Friends and Influence People. And I found Beautiful Creatures (which is a movie coming out in a couple weeks). Happy Reading!

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