Strange But Good…Couldn’t Be Quicker

I love Strange But Good, the wild creation of Laura at Sprint 2 The Table.  I’ve always thought my food was a little strange, but wouldn’t you know it, since Laura started this, I have been hard pressed to find really good strange things. That doesn’t stop me from participating!!   😉

Sprint 2 the Table

I spent the early part of Thursday evening at my local library.  I was attending a class given by the library technology director and several volunteers on tips for using the library’s e-book collection.  Being a recent Nook owner, I thought this would be very helpful.  It would be very helpful if I could have connected to their Wi-Fi.  Several Nook users couldn’t connect.  I must admit that the director was more than kind, even calling the local Barnes & Noble to try to help us connect.  I never did connect, but was told I should try connecting at home again and that I should also stop at the B & N store and have them do a corrective purge.  I’m not sure if that’s what they called it, but it means a trip to the store.  Depending on the weather, that might be on the agenda today.

Because of being out at around the time I would usually be eating dinner, I was hungry when I got home and decided on one of my Couldn’t Be Quicker meals.



Since I recently discovered that my phone has a stop watch feature (how long have I had this phone?)  I thought it would be fun to time myself.  A can of one of my favorite things, Margaret Holmes tomatoes, okra and corn, frozen green beans, veggie broth and couscous.  Variations on this combo have been working brilliantly for almost a week now, but have gone unphotographed.  Of course this time…

I had less couscous in my container than I thought and since I was timing myself here, didn’t want to take the time to open a new box.  Added more broth than I need and so it ended up being a little soupier than I had intended.



It could also have been that I was hungry, impatient and I was on the clock!  I was also a little bummed out when I realized that I had run out of my usual go-to topper, grated Romano cheese.    😦



Oh, yes, I did add some cottage cheese in when I realized I needed some protein.  In spite of the semi-soupiness and the lack of cheese, it was quite tasty and all accomplished in 17 minutes and 23 seconds.  That actually seemed longer than I thought it should have taken.  I know I can do it faster,, but I worked with what I had available.

Haven’t decided if this qualifies for Couldn’t Be Quicker, but it surely qualifies for Strange But Good.  Be sure to visit Laura over at Sprint 2 The Table, read a few other linky blogs and leave some comments.

It’s raining and ou friends from all over the country are calling to tell us we have a nor’ easter heading our way.  Our local weather reports don’t show it for our area.  I guess we’ll see. I’d better restock that cheese or I’m not going to be happy…    😉

Happy Friday!


16 responses to “Strange But Good…Couldn’t Be Quicker

  1. 17 minutes is very good, fran!!
    glad you attended that session at the library – it is fun to keep learning new things! and cool that your phone has a timer…wonder if my blackberry does??
    it’s a snowstorm here and of course today is a day i have to drive to theOTHERstore…leaving now to give myself an hour! bet it is a slow day!!

  2. Well, it’s not exactly PRETTY. But I’m sure it was good! Ha! I love free library sessions. Well, I love the idea of them. I have yet to actually attend one…good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone!

  3. Tomatoes, okra and corn is truly a bit of heaven in one can. I have made this myself many times…hmmm…might be dinner!

  4. Looks and sound pretty awesome to me, Fran!
    I love you being daring 😉

  5. Timing your food is brilliant!!! I’m going to start doing that. Yes, I comete at everything – even with myself while cooking. 🙂

    I am so glad you link up every week – I love your ideas!

    • I think it’s fun, Laura! I love being part of the link up. Glad you like my idea of timing. I always say how quickly I can get something on the table, thought I’d put my stop watch where my mouth is! Have a great weekdend!

  6. Sounds fast to me! I love one pot meals.

  7. I love couscous because it cooks so quickly. When I realized it not too long ago, I was appalled I hadn’t been using this lovely little grain more frequently. As an aside if you use quinoa (another lovely grain) you’ll get plenty of protein without having to add in cottage cheese. Although if you love your cottage cheese, you should add it in anyway. Being a fellow veghead, I just wanted pass on another protein source. Have a great weekend Fran.

    • Meghan, I love quiona. Such a unique flavor and love that protein boost too. I’m going to try to get a bit more organized and start cooking some ahead and have it ready in the fridge. That’s a good idea that I can’t get the hang of…

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