WIAW~Somewhere In The Sunshine State

Hello!  I have to admit that last week I really missed playing along with all the fun people who participate in What I Ate Wednesday.  That of course is the fun link up created by Jenn at Peas & Crayons.  Now that I’m settled in for the next two weeks, I’m ready to join in again and I’m very excited about it!

Well, Kids, I tried to add the WIAW badge but it won’t load on my little computer so…you know what it looks like! 

We’re supposed to be concentrating on veggies and I think I’ve done pretty well with that.

Due to some frustrating issues, I find that I can’t post any photos.  Pretty lame WIAW isn’t it?  Don’t know what the problem is, but I’ll live with it.

regarding all of the food that I’m not able to share with you, I do have some good news.  While I’m here, I’ll be attending Weight Watchers meetings on Mondays.  I had my first weigh in since getting to Florida.  I was stunned to find out that I lost 2.2 pounds!  Not only is that a pretty good loss, it takes me to my personal goal, which I’ve been trying to get back to for several months.

I really think that the fact that there are four of us doing Weight Watchers, working together helps us to stay on track.  Believe me, we’ve eaten out a lot and the fact that we’re all paying attention to what we eat and how to count it, we’re all being successful.  We all lost yesterday which is a real boost to our enthusiasm and our intention to continue working hard. 

Considering my issues with my computer, I’ll be holding on to my food photos until I get back to New Jersey.  That will make for one bombastic What I Ate Wednesday! 

Be sure to stop over at What I Ate Wednesday to check out all of the cool blogs that can actually post photos!    😉

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

11 responses to “WIAW~Somewhere In The Sunshine State

  1. Congratulations on the WW goal. That’s great news Fran!!

  2. enjoy florida and the time with your friends, fran!! great news re ww!

  3. I think having people do WW with you probably helps a lot! I just started the Tone It Up plan and I’ve got 4 friends doing it with me, so that helps!

    • Glad you’re enjoying Tone it Up, Liz! I wasn’t familiar with it until you talked about it. Especially on vacation, the group approach is a plus. Last time I was here, no one was really working on WW very intently. This is a much different story and it’s great. Have a good day!

  4. Congrats on hitting your goal! It must be all that sunshine 🙂

  5. Weighting For 50

    Congrats on the weigh in Fran. Enjoy Florida!!!

  6. Congrats on the weighin! Happy Wednesday 🙂 Enjoy Florida!

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