Snapshot Saturday~March 16

While I was in Florida, I was having trouble posting photos to my blog.  The most obvious loss in all of that was Snapshot Saturday.  I really enjoy participating and I missed it.  Be sure to go to At Home With Books, Alyce’s terrific blog to see all of the other wonderful photos being shared today.

While in Florida, Gail and I went to Heritage Village.  It’s a wonderful place where old buildings from all over Florida have been moved to create a wonderful living museum.

When we were in the old school-house, there was a wonderful old map on the wall dated 1909.  Of course, I was drawn to the Southwest and New Mexico.  New Mexico did not become a state until 1912.  It took some searching because the state boundary wasn’t there and old print was pretty dim, but…



Sure as Shootin’ as my Mom used to say, there’s Silver City.  The place I long to be.  The place I’ll be going soon if all the stars align properly.  I’m looking forward to it which I suppose you can tell since I talk about it so much.

Don’t forget to go over to At Home With Books to check out the other great snapshots for today.

Happy Snapshot Saturday!

24 responses to “Snapshot Saturday~March 16

  1. i sure hope the stars DO align for you asap, fran!! silver city sounds like a name right out of the movies! hope you continue to feel better!

  2. Old maps are so intriguing. Good luck with your move.

  3. I love the patina on that map! Best of luck when you get to Silver City!
    Rebecca @ The Key to the Gate

  4. Here’s hoping you get your wish! Dreaming is such a wonderful experience…Silver City sounds awesome.


  5. I hope the stars align quickly for you! Great picture, it’s always interesting to view old maps!

    Here’s my Saturday Snapshot post.

  6. What will you do in Silver City when you go? Love that old map.

  7. I have to ask the same as storygal, what will you do in Silver city? Great photo, and hopefully the stars will align to you benefit.

  8. The map is beautiful, and a heritage site where old buildings are preserved is such a good idea – there are places here in England like that, kind of living museums I suppose, and they are always interesting. My Snapshot is at

  9. I’m fascinated by old maps, too. Some of them are truly works of art.

  10. THANKS for sharing. I love the Southwest.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Saturday Snapshot

  11. I love old maps too….especially when they lead you home 🙂

  12. A fun way to show where you long to be! 🙂

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