The Plague Continues

Ok, I hate to be a quitter.  I hate to give up and say I’m beat, but I think I am beaten this time.

Saturday was two weeks that I’ve had this dreadful cold, and it doesn’t really seem to be getting any better.

I’m planning to call the family doctor tomorrow to see if she has any suggestions.  I’m following the instructions that she gave to Ralph in the fall…take Zicam and some kind of over the counter cold medicine.  I had a quick version of the cold that held on for weeks for him. Of course he was giving up smoking at the same time, which made it harder for him. It worked for me then, but doesn’t seem to be working this time.

I planned to dig right in to projects when I got back but that hasn’t happened.

On the other hand, Ralph has made a big chunk of progress on his cleaning out projects.  I’m very proud of him for that.

We’re off to a St. Patrick’s day lunch with Ralph’s sisters, brother-in-law, aunt and cousin.  We always have a good time together.  I’m looking forward to it…just hope I don’t have to leave the table to cough up a lung.  That’s disgusting and I do apologize for the crudeness, but that’s the way I feel just now.  If it really bothered me, I’d delete it.    😉

I’m drinking a big cup of tea/green tea with honey and lemon (bottled juice is all I had) and I know that helps.  I should make some of that mix I made in the fall…lemon, ginger and honey and then put it in my tea.  Ok…gotta buy some lemons.  I think that was a help back in the fall…hopefully it will be this time.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Everyone have an enjoyable and safe day!

10 responses to “The Plague Continues

  1. Oh no, that’s far too long to have had the lurgy, I hope you feel better soon… dissolvable vitamin c and echinacea are the way forward – and steaming your face (bowl of boiling water, with or without a decongestant, towel over your head) is the best thing for a cold; do it as much as necessary, especially before you go to bed and it’ll really help loosen your chest and help you get some sleep 🙂

    • I should try the steam, I’ve done that before and it helped. Thanks, Eleanor, I am feeling a bit better today. Probably the doom of actually going to the doctor today if it’s not better healed me! 😉

  2. Feel better Fran! Maybe some soup will help?

  3. Sorry about the cold – I hope you feel better soon. Seems like it just can’t go on much longer…

    • You know, Stacie, can’t remember when I’ve had one hang on so long. I usually the quickie sickie…a few days and it’s over. I always say it’s my healthy eating. I may call to see the doctor, can’t decide.Thanks, Dear!

  4. hope you had a great outing, fran!! the interaction with friends and family will raise your spirits and make you feel better!
    i celebrated by wearing shamrock compression socks, green nail polish and shamrock rings! then in the aft, went to see the musical mary poppins with my aunt – such a great day!
    take care!!!

  5. I hate being sick! My cold lingered for almost 3 weeks when I got sick in February! No good! I hope you feel better soon!

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