C is For Control and WIAW

Today’s Blogging A to Z Challenge takes us to the letter C.

C is for Control.  Throughout my life, I have not always exercised control.  I was out of control in various areas of my life.  The most obvious area was control of food.  It wasn’t until I started with Weight Watchers that I learned to control my food issues.  I had tried and tried, but no program, no fast would help correct my bad habits.  Twenty six years ago this past Saturday (March 30)  I joined Weight Watchers.  I learned so much and today, I know that I am healthier and happier than I would have been if I hadn’t taken that step and gained that control.

I now am an astonishing (to me) 10 pounds under my WW goal.  That’s come mostly from a reinvigorated resolve…yes, control that I’ve developed.  With the help of my friends while I was in Florida, I’m really on track and I’m very happy about it.  The control is mine to use or not to use.  I chose to use it!

Second topic…it’s Wednesday so that means What I Ate Wednesday, the link-up lovingly hostessed by Jenn at Peas & Crayons. Be sure to visit when you leave here and leave some comments.

What I Ate Wednesday GOES GREEN

My food this week should hopefully show that I was in control.  I do have to confess that Saturday night there was an issue with Easter candy, but when I realized I was getting into a dangerous area…I got my control back!  I didn’t take any photos of that…it wasn’t pretty.     😦

Lunch on Saturday involved a restaurant we hadn’t been to for a while.  I had a black bean and veggie burger which was delicious.


It came with homemade potato chips which I declined in favor of sweet potato fries.  The little container was cinnamon sugar, which I didn’t use, but the good news was that the fries were not salted.  I could actually taste the sweet potatoes. I only ate a few, but they didn’t go to waste,  I had help from my dining companions.

Easter dinner was at sister Ele’s and So good.

Started with a huge plate of the salad that I brought.



Topped with black pepper and balsamic vinegar.  Didn’t want to waste the Points on dressing and I like it just as well this way.

Second plate was all veggies.



Broccoli, corn and cabbage, Yes topped with ketchup, something I learned from Ralph.

Saving the best for last…



Ele’s always delicious mac n’ cheese.  This looks a lot like my dinner from St. Patrick’s Day.  Well, I like it!!

Finished off with Ele’s home-made Hot Cross buns.



Very tasty.  Thankfully, None of them came home with us!

In an effort to continue my control, I chopped up lots of carrots and celery to have in the fridge for snacks.



They also made for a good, quick lunch accompanied by cottage cheese.



I also put the leftover salad from Sunday to use for dinner.



In a small skillet, I sautéed some Gardein’s lime chipolte chicken tenders.  Just used cooking spray to cook them.  Added some sunflower and pumpkin seeds to the salad, and then balsamic vinegar again.



This was filling and delicious.  I’m still working on clearing out my freezer of things that have been in there too long.  These Gardein tenders and some of their beef tips were among my discoveries in there.






The last two are served with cous cous and veggies. Very good!

Overall, I think I’ve had a pretty good week.  I am feeling in control and that’s important to me.

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Happy What I Ate Wednesday!  Blog a letter today!!

16 responses to “C is For Control and WIAW

  1. That hot crossed bun is adorable! What a cute idea!

  2. sounds like a wonderful time at ele’s on sunday, fran! we are going to celebrate easter as a family the last weekend in april – easter sunday for us was spent celebrating the brother’s 40th with a brunch in TO!

  3. I think it’s awesome how you’ve been able to stick to weight watchers principles for so long! You’re such an inspiration, Fran!

  4. That blogging A to Z challenge sounds like fun. That burger and fries looks super delicious. Hope you have an awesome Wednesday!

  5. Those pictures make me drool! LOL Love your WIAW posts.

    Congrats on all your hard work losing weight. You’re an inspiration!

  6. You’re making me hungry! It is good thing it is lunch time!! Yum!

  7. Yay, I’m so glad you are totally under control with food and also glad that you are doing the A-Z challenge. Mmm. That salad looks good. I’ll definitely stop by more this month 🙂

  8. Wow, wow, wow! I never knew it could be so great looking at someone else’s food. Congratulations on the weight loss. So impressive, and you look so pretty in the one picture I see of you. I LOVE the title of your blog now even more!! You rock!

    See you tomorrow for “D.”

    Waiter, drink please!

    • Thanks, Dana! I’ve been working at maintaining my weight for a long time. I grew up being overweight and I wanted to change that and the weight related health problems I saw my family members experiencing. The blog title comes from a joke that I made to one of my meetings when I was a WW leader. Glad to have you as a new blog friend!

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