E is for Exercise

Eeeeeeeee!! Ok, that was a squeak or a squeal but it just needed to be said because today’s letter in the Blogging A to Z Challenge is the letter E.

It seems that my A to Z this year has heavy (you should excuse the expression) leanings toward Weight Watchers and all things involved with it.  That was not my intention, but you know what…I’ve heard that in writing you should go with what you know.  It makes sense for me to use WW as a framework but I certainly don’t want to bore anyone.  During regular posts I talk a lot about WW but I don’t want to scare away any readers coming here for the first time from the Challenge.  It really is an integral part of my life and I find it hard not to talk about it.  That’s why I originally started to work for Weight Watchers,  I figured that I talked about it all the time, I might as well get paid for doing it.

Maybe this is an indication that I should follow my instincts and start working for them again.  We’ll see where that takes me.

Exercise is one of those things that I think you either love it or hate it.  I think for most people, even when you’re doing it and telling yourself that you love it, you’re really hating it and when you’re telling yourself that you hate it, you’re secretly loving it.

Prior to WW, I was never an exerciser, but then I realized that exercise could enhance my weight loss and now helps me to maintain that loss.  I’d say that my favorite exercise is plain old walking.  I don’t do it as often as I’d like and I know I need to do it more often.  Now that the weather is better on a regular basis, I’m going to try to head out in the mornings every few days.  At the moment, with my other focuses, primarily sorting and packing, I can’t devote time to it every day, but even every other day will be a plus.

My most frequent exercise…my stationary bike.  It’s old and battered and the wheel actually turns because of two very long shoelaces tied together, but it does what it’s supposed to do.  It would be better if there was more resistance, that doesn’t work so well either, but I do it nearly every day.

While I’m on the bike I’m also doing upper body exercise.  I have a 3 pound ball weight that I use.  Over the time I’ve been doing this, I’ve been noticing that my upper body strength has improved.  As a result I keep doing it.

Of course the biggest reason I get on the bike (and please don’t tell the Real Exercisers out there!) is so that I can read.  Yes, I’m an exercise reader.  I love reading on the bike, it makes the time go so much more quickly and I’ll also ride longer if I’m reading.  The fun comes when I’m riding, reading and using my hand weight!  There are times when I drop my book or drop the ball and it rolls away.  Hey, I get more exercise chasing the ball!

It’s also pretty amusing when I decide I want to get some more exercise and I still want to read.  I stand in my bedroom, marching in place, sometimes side to side and reading.  I actually amaze myself with all of this both on the bike and off the bike because it requires a lot of coordination…not something I’m known for.

If I could figure out how to read while I walk outside, maybe I’d get out more!  I’ve got to get something where I can download audio books from the library.  Then I’ll be all set!

Happy Thursday!  I’m off to Exercise!

22 responses to “E is for Exercise

  1. fun to read your exercise details, fran! i truly think there is a form of exercise out there for everyone…it may just take a little trial and error and experimentation to find what you love!
    you have my full support if you decide to go back to ww in some way…you’d be great with your personality and enthusiasm!
    i have spent many a happy hour reading + stairmastering! i have not figured out running + knitting, however!

    • There’s a commercial for that 5 Hour Energy stuff where the guy is running and knitting at the same time, so I’m sure you could do it! I really do enjoy exercise now…just fitting it in is always the issue. Have a great day!

  2. I like the stairmaster so I can read and workout, too!! It’s just fun to have something entertaining to pass the time! Plus I feel more productive, because I can get my reading done! haha

  3. I’ll do anything longer if I’m reading while doing it. Reading makes everything better. 😀

  4. I also love to read, but am inherently un-coordinated, so fear a combination of exercising and reading would lead to some serious damage!

  5. Fran it was SO good to see you back on my blog. I hadn’t seen you in forever and I thought maybe I had said something (in a post or comment to you) that had offended you. I am glad that wasn’t the case.

    Glad that you can read and exercise at the same time, I for sure am not that talented, but I do have a stairmaster in my room and love watching House Hunters while using it. Take care, Marie

    • No, No, Marie…Never!! I was in Florida for 3 weeks and I was having computer troubles, couldn’t get on to read any blogs. While I was there I got sicker than I can ever remember…bronchitis which I’ve never had. I didn’t find that out until I got back to NJ. Took about another 3 weeks to get over it. For some reason, your blog stopped showing in my feed from Bloglovin’. I have a new reader from Bakersfield which made me think of you and I said to myself “Where’s Marie?!” I was worried something was wrong and I’m SO glad I was wrong about that. I know I said it in my comment, but I just LOVED the video you did with the family. More please! Stay in touch, Sweetie!

      • Glad you’re all better. I’ll tell you first that in a few weeks (hopefully sooner) I am getting a new blog design and there will be a ‘bloglovin’ bar. I am not sure what it is but hopefully it will make it easier to find me.

        Glad you & I are back on track 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • I’ve missed you and I’m glad we’re back too! I keep thinking about a blog re-design. I need to find someone. Had someone once who said she could do it, but I didn’t have the money at the time. Apparently, WordPress is more expensive to design than the others. I should start saving my pennies! I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

  6. I actually love to exercise. Of course, it’s hard to find the time on occasion, but it’s truly something I love to do. I like to get sweaty and red faced and replace all my stress with happy endorphins. Yep, exercise is my addiction and I’m cool with that.

    • Send some exercise enthusiasm my way, please, Meghan. I am getting more into the whole idea. Weight Watchers has a thing called ActiveLink that tracks ALL of your movement. Because of that, I’m now thinking all the time how to add in activity. I’m getting better at it!

  7. I was once in a hotel that had their stationary bikes attached to little TVs that only worked while you peddled ….

  8. That’s nice you can read when you exercise. I’ve been doing intervals on the elliptical which makes it difficult since I have to change pace every 30s or minute, depending on which one I’m doing. It forces me to watch the clock instead.

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