Q is for Queen of Nothing

I’m so glad I’m participating in the Blogging A to Z Challenge.  I’m especially happy because I find myself going back over my posts from last year’s challenge and some of them are pretty interesting.  I just re-read last year’s post for the letter Q.  Sometimes I’m much more clever than I remember.  Last year my issue was that I accidentally skipped Q in deference to R.  I wanted to get to R for Ralph and I rushed ahead.  But that confusion lead to what I think was a pretty clever post.

I’m not making that mistake this year…well at least not with Q and R.  I still have eleven posts to go…who Knows what sort of trouble I can get myself into!

Today, Q is for Queen.  I am the Queen of Nothing. In my mind to be Queen of something, you have to be really good at it.  I’ve pondered and thought and wondered and I can’t find anything that I’m really good at, thereby clinching royal standing.

I am CERTAINLY not the Queen of housekeeping.  I’ll leave that comment right there and move on.

I am not the Queen of making money.  I’ve scraped along most of my life.  Now I’m not playing poor here.  I’ve supported myself nicely through some tough times and together Ralph and I are doing Ok.  We’ll be doing much better when we sell these two houses in NJ and finally get to New Mexico.

I am not the Queen of organization and initiative.  If I was, I’d be overseeing my Queendom in New Mexico right now.  But that will come in its time.

I am truly and certainly NOT the Queen of math.  Two plus two…I’ve got that down, but beyond that…I’m lost.  I love a t-shirt that I saw that said, “English Major…You Do The Math!”  Very appropriate for me.

Of what could I consider myself Queen?  I’m often joking called the Grammar Queen, but more often Grammar Nazi.  Am I always right? No, but I can usually tell when something sounds wrong even if I’m not sure what it should be.

I feel that I’m a competent writer, but I’m certainly not the Queen.

I like to think that I’m the Queen of Thrifting, but I think my friend, Margot really holds that crown. Or possibly my blog friend, Marie at Feeding Five.  Now that girl knows how to thrift!

I am not Queen of the kitchen.  As it stands at the moment, I barely have a kitchen, due to circumstances, but I’m becoming a better cook all the time.  Perhaps by the time I’m 90 I’ll have it all under control.

But I suppose there is one spot where I am Queen.  I don’t say this to pat myself on the back.  I feel that I am the Queen of Ralph’s heart.  He makes me feel that and know that every day.  I know how lucky I am to have him and he makes me feel that his thoughts on this topic are the same.  We’re a match.  We just have to make our way to our kingdom.

Ralph andFran on Deck in Silver


It’s waiting for us. We just have to get there.  Then I get to shop for my Crown!

Happy Friday from your Queen!

9 responses to “Q is for Queen of Nothing

  1. cath/waterloo,ON

    aw, what a sweet ending, fran! so happy that you and ralph found each other!
    i remember that mixup last year with Q and R, now that you mention (just because i also was doing the challenge) – we had a nice chuckle!
    let’s look at the Queenship this way – to be queen of x, you have to be driven and focussed on that one goal, to the exclusion of much else in life. you are simply living a balanced lifestyle – and that is great!

    • Cathy, you’re so sweet! I like your view of Queenship. Balanced…hmmm…that should be my “B” word when I do the challenge next year. I basically have no balance (due to inner ear infections when I was little) and I’ve been know to fall over in the middle of the room for no reason. THAT would make a good “B” post!! Have a great day!

  2. Not the queen of math here either. Or cooking. Don’t mind the cleaning, but it would be easier if other people didn’t live here. 🙂
    from The Dugout

  3. Sent from my iPad

  4. oh my goodness, cutest thing I’ve read all week. “queen of ralph’s heart.” 🙂 I love you two.

  5. The Queen of Ralph’s heart….now that is the exact right kind of Queen to be. Good for you Fran.
    P.S. I’ve got another organizing tip for you, especially because you said you work well with deadlines. If you find something you want to keep because you are going to do something else with it, set a time limit on when it needs to be done by. If it’s done, great, you accomplished it and if not, then you have to get rid of it.
    Happy Sunday Fran. I hope you’re having a lovely day.

    • I’m glad you like that phrase, Meghan, I liked it too. What a great tip. That’s actually the way I’ve been organizing for the yard sale. A bin/pile of things that I’m certain I want to be rid of. Another bin has things I’m on the fence about. I have to make a decision on them by the time I do the yard sale. It’s sort of your suggestion and I think that at least half of that ?? bin will be going. Keep those suggestions coming, my Friend! And thanks!

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