S is for Sure

I was getting excited.  I thought I was getting close to the big finish with the Blogging A to Z Challenge. I’m at the letter S.  Now I wasn’t excited to be close to the finish line because I’m not enjoying the challenge this year.  Just because.  We all have those just because days.  We’re moody or grumpy or just too funky to get out of bed.  I was excited, when I realized I still have more than a week to go.  Will I get there?  You bet I will.  Even though as I type this portion of my post, there is no title in my “enter title here” spot and I’m not sure what my S word will be just yet.  Give me a moment.

I just found it…Sure.  I could have fun and see how many times and how many ways I could use the word Sure.

Sure has been a difficult week both in the world and in my own little circle.  Sad almost became my S word, but although I am sad in many ways at the moment, that’s not really how I like to conduct business here at BCDC.  I surely have spoken of sad things in the past and I fear I will speak of them again in the future. But I don’t really want to go in that direction at the moment.  In truth, I am so down in the dumps that I need to bring myself out and I only share those things when necessary.

Share could have been a good word as well.  I share a lot with all of you, perhaps more than is necessary sometimes (at least according to my roomie…)  I personally feel that I share just enough.  I think for the whole blog thing to work, we need to share about our lives.  In truth, during this A to Z, I’ve sort of suspended my usual chatter about my usual topics, only sharing things that are necessary.  I didn’t want to interrupt the flow of the Challenge.  So I’ll be sharing more as of May 1.  Hopefully, by then there will be something exciting to share!

I need to give you a list of sure things.  Ok…give me a minute…

1. I sure am tired right now.  Sleep is not my friend (again) at the moment.  As it has in the past, it will turn around…just have to get through it.

2. I sure am happy that it looks like it will be a sunny day.  Hey, I have to find my joy where I can.  The dreary rainyness over the last week has not helped my mood.

3. I sure am lucky to have the best husband, the best sister and the best friends possible.  So there, I said it.  We all make each other crazy from time to time, but we’ve got each other and that’s a sure thing.

4.  I sure wish I was Harry Potter at the moment.  I could use that magic wand.  Please don’t think that I’d be selfish and use it just for myself.  I would wear that baby out using it for other people.  I know many people right now who could use a little magic and  I would love to share it with them.  I’d only need a couple of waves of the wand for myself.  Three would do I think.  Everyone else could have the others.

5.  I’m sure I can have fun making something from nothing. This sure wasn’t much of a topic to start, but I guess I turned it around.  If I turned this around, I’m pretty sure I can turn the rest of it around.  Sadly, not All of the rest of it, but I sure can try to work hard and improve the things I can improve.

I wanted to end this on a happy note.  My best friend, Gail sent me a picture of Grumpy Cat dressed as Queen to commemorate my Queen of Nothing post. Well I truly am the Queen of Nothing because try though I might, I can’t get the darned thing to copy.  I found another picture on-line and will use it.  Keep in mind that Gail’s is funnier.

But I’m Sure doing the best I can.

Happy Monday!


12 responses to “S is for Sure

  1. fran, the whole tone of your post SURE was exactly what i needed this morning. i am sorry all is not great!exciting!wonderful! for you right now…hugs to you. and that is too bad about not sleeping – negatives magnify when we are tired, i find?
    can i complain a little this morning? remember my leg where i fell? well, it still is giving me grief, in fact has felt WORSE over the past several days so of course i am all panicky about costa rica, running, yoga…i need to breathe and focus on positives!
    the sun is out here, too – that is good! happy monday, friend!

    • Oh, My Gosh! Cathy, I’m so sorry to hear that your leg is still bothering you. I can’t remember…did you see your doctor about it? If not, do you think you should? Beyond that, yes…definitely, breathe and focus on the positives. I did the breathing thing last night and I think that helped me to finally fall asleep. I need to add the positive back in there, too! You will be fine, I have faith in you. Maybe, it just needs to work out some kinks and it will improve. Sending hugs and positive thoughts to you!

  2. I can relate to #2. We’re in yet ANOTHER winter storm watch and expected to get ANOTHER 3-6″ of snow tonight. I just want sunshine. Seriously. Is that too much to ask?

  3. Sure is a good post, Fran. Yup, I’m sure of that.

    BTW, is it true that broken cookies have no calories in them because, when they break, they lose all their calories? I sure would like to know the answer to that.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting

    • Rob, you sure are funny!! Ok, When I was a Weight Watcher leader (a job I loved but it was my second job and the demands of my first job got in the way, so I had to leave it) one night in a meeting we started to enumerate things that make food not count when you eat them…eating after midnight, eating in the dark, eating when no one sees you…that sort of thing. I came up with Broken Cookies Don’t Count, for exactly the reason you stated…all of the calories have fallen out! I always said to my members that some day I would write a book and that would be the title. Well, when I decided to start the blog, I decided the time was right to use the title. It seems to have worked out!!

  4. I’m so sorry to hear things aren’t great Fran and am sending you virtual hugs and lots of love to hope you feel better soon 🙂 xx

    • Thanks, Eleanor! You are so kind. I’m mostly frustrated about a variety of things and it’s coming out in my posts. I’m turning the corner and I think things will be improving soon. Thank you, Thank you!!

  5. Oh Fran. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been sad. I hope things work themselves out and life gets back to normal (is anything really normal) soon.

    • Thanks, Meghan. Just have had several viewings to attend, the last one is tonight. Both are young people which makes it harder. Working to turn my mood and my thoughts around. Support from so many nice friends on BCDC has helped. Thank you, Thank you!

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