W is for When

Moving along in the Blogging A to Z Challenge!  We have gotten all the way to the letter W.  I must admit that there were times during this challenge that I wasn’t sure I’d make it this far but, hey, I believe that anything is possible and here we are!

But What to do with the letter W??  I had one idea but then nixed it.  Too emotional and I don’t need more emotion right now.

Wisdom would be a good topic.  I value wisdom but at times feel I possess very little of it.  I seek wisdom and many times don’t find it in myself.  I find it frequently in others and I gravitate towards those people.  But then as it often does, life gets in the way and I no longer have that source of wisdom.

Water would even be a good topic.  Water is a big part of my life through Weight Watchers.  I used WW for W last year so I can’t use it again. (Dang…)  That would be easy.  I talk about it all the time anyway.  Oh, you haven’t noticed?  How nice of you to say that.   😉

Wonder would be good.  As  I sit here typing this post, outside my window are so many birds, flitting from branch to branch, coming in for landings on the ground, tweeting and having a great time in the early morning sunshine.  I am always in awe of the fact that there are so many birds in my yard.  The sound of them doing all of their bird things is very comforting.

But, When?  When will I accomplish my task?  I work toward it each day.  Some days possess more momentum and enthusiasm than others.  Those days are great! Other days, not so much and I have to be satisfied with what I have accomplished.  Trying not to be negative is an important part of this process.  Get up every day and get Something done. When will come.  Say When!

I do seem to be asking a lot of questions during this Challenge.  I hope to have an answer by the end.

When?  As Soon As Possible.

Happy Friday!!

10 responses to “W is for When

  1. have a great friday, fran!
    i will steal your w and talk about weather: the sun is shining brightly right now and i am so glad!! yesterday, late aft, we hail pellets…after a day of rain! like you, i love hearing the birds sing this time of year…and i wonder, what are they trying to tell me?!!

    • Cathy, I always think the birds are trying to tell me something! They were talking to me at 4 am today, but fortunately I went back to sleep for awhile. It was a gorgeous day yesterday, and looks pretty good today. Hoping for a sunny weekend. Enjoy your day!

  2. All those words are good for “W!” When will it come? When you are ready to receive. 🙂

  3. It sounds like you’re doing all the right tings. ‘Wonder ‘ is a great word for W. We too, have birds outside, just outside, in our soffits, are baby birds, with the Mom and Dad flying in and out frequently to feed the little ones. Wonder what they think of us?
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

    • Hi Kathy and thanks for visiting! Aren’t birds fascinating to listen to and watch? We have lots of them in our yard. I think the like it because it’s sort of protected with lots of trees around. But they do run in cycles. For several years, we haven’t had many, but this year it’s like there’s a convention going on out there! Please stop by again!

  4. Lots o good W words there. Wen put together they make a Wonderful post.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting

  5. You just keep trucking along and the when will come when you least expect it. Hang in there Fran.

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