Y is Still for Yes…

We’re almost there, We’re almost there…Ok, it’s an old Andy Williams song and many of you are too young to remember it but I couldn’t help myself.  Next to the last day…Truly, it is the next to the last day for the Blogging A to Z Challenge. The letter for the day is Y and probably not as hard as tomorrow’s letter but I struggle none the less.

I re-read last year’s Y post.  I really liked it overall as a post, but I most liked the sentiment behind it.  I am struggling with negativity over the last few weeks.  Ok, throughout the A to Z Challenge, I’ve been struggling with negativity.  I decided that I will for this one time only, repeat myself.

Re-reading last year’s post gave me a boost.  I was saying Yes to things.  I’m trying to do that now.  Not everything is negative. Even No is not negative depending on the situation.  If I can’t do something, I’m going to say No.  That’s a positive. Especially if saying Yes is going to stress me out and burden my spirit.  I’m trying to lighten up physically (that’s been successful and a story that I’ll get into after the challenge) and environmentally.  Not world environment…My environment.  I’m feeling I will get there.  By saying No to the things around me that are no longer necessary, I’m saying Yes to a positive living situation and Yes to getting on the road to where I want to be.

Saying Yes I will do something while the negativity around me is saying “that won’t work” that is a positive.  I think I can be successful and I’m going to stick with my own intuition.  I’m not going to change the world, but I will make my own world a more positive place to live.

Perhaps I’ve started my own trend.  Every time I participate in the A to Z Challenge, I think I’ll make the letter Y stand for Yes.  I like that…it’s a positive idea.  Now I need to go out and make every day a positive Yes day.

You have the choice.  Say Yes to the Positive.

Happy Monday!!  We’re Almost there…

25 responses to “Y is Still for Yes…

  1. I think you should keep Y for Yes as a constant and you’re right even when you say ‘no’ it can be a positive. I tend to say Yes when I should say No and end up stressed and upset. Good post and nice to meet you on the A to Z challenge!

  2. say YES to the positive – i like that, fran! yes! i love your spin on using NO as a positive – thanks for that idea. all the best as you continue to focus on making your environment what you want it to be, my friend!
    april has flown by – hard to believe the last day of the challenge is tomorrow. i am ready to say YES to may!! i always find it a positive month.

    • Thanks, Cathy! Glad you like my positive negative! April is nearly done and I can get back to a little less blogging each week. I had started to enjoy that rhythm. I’m looking forward to May also. Rainy day here. Good day to get projects accomplished! Mother Nature is telling me something. Hope in Sunny up north for you!

  3. Kimberley Cussins

    Five years ago I said yes to a positive, in the midst of the odds being against me. Today I am exactly where I had hoped to be. By making your own world a more positive place to live, you are modeling a positive attitude for all those who come in contact with you. By example, you inspire them to take a risk, and ultimately influence their choice in seeking the positive in their own lives. Eventually your positive position will change the world. Domino effect. I love you. Stay inspired. .

    • My dear Kim, you are so wonderful. Thank you many times over for this. It is so inspiring I think I’ll print it out and keep it where I can see it. I am so proud of you for what you have accomplished and can’t wait to see what wonderful path you will forge for yourself. You can do anything. I’m certain. I love you back. Let’s keep each other inspired, and Ele, too!.

  4. Saying “yes” to something positive, something wonderful, is so very great. And I’m glad you have done that! When you’re maneuvered into a position of saying “yes” to something negative is when the problems start.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (My poetry blog)

  5. P.S.: I’m sending people your way, to see this post.

    ~ Bear

  6. You are doing so well on this project!!

  7. I think a positive yes deserves a repeat post. 🙂

  8. Good morning, Fran.
    Your “Yes” post goes right along with my philosophy of life and what I teach when I present the segment in my workshop about saying “no.” What it boils down to this: “I’m not just saying ‘no’ to you/it, I’m saying ‘yes’ to something else, something that I need to do for me.”

    I’m glad I said ‘yes’ to clicking on your link today. xoA

  9. Saying “yes”for the sake of positivity can be so self defeating. “No”can definitly be as positive. I am learning to not answer as quickly and instead use, “I need a little time to think about that.”

    • Hi Zoe! Thanks for visiting. I Like your “I need a little more time to think about that.” That would be a big help. But my problem is, I forget and then the person gets annoyed. But that’s my problem, your idea is great. I’ll have to work on it. Please stop by again.

  10. Happy Tuesday Fran and I hope things are getting better for you. I agree, being able to say No is very empowering. I’m not very good at it yet but it has to be done and can be very positive. Saying yes to the good things has to be a great way to go too 🙂
    Hope you’re ok x

    • Eleanor, thank you so much. I’m doing well. In fact, the A to Z challenge has helped me work some things out in my head. I’m feeling much more focused and I’ve got my mental ducks in a row. Now to do it in the physical world. Thank you for always being so supportive!

  11. this is a wonderful post. I agree that saying no can be a positive. 🙂

    Yay for finishing the challenge.

  12. Love this! Sometimes you just have to say no…especially if that means you can say yes to more in the future! You’re right, “no” isn’t always a bad thing–It’s important to recognize your (mental, physical, etc.) limits and speak up about them!

    • It’s sort of what you’ve been doing lately, Allie. I’m not quite like a chicken yet, but I’m feeling much better about so many things. This challenge helped. Have a great day, Sweetie!

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